St. Cyprian: Spells for love

According to sources of the Catholic Church, there are two men called St. Cyprian, both of whom were bishops, and both suffered martyrdom during the Roman persecution. St. Cyprian of Carthago receives the approval of the Church as an authentic historical figure, but St. Cyprian of Antioquia lives in the hidden world of tradition and legend, as it is said that it has been a renowned Pagan, witch and sorcerer wizard who had dealings with the demons and the devil. Today we will see some spells of St. Cyprian, prayer for love, prayers against spells, and a little history about this interesting and renowned sorcerer.

St. Cyprian: Spells for loveAccording to the story. Being young, Cyprian wanted a sexual relationship with a young virtuoso Christian named Justina, then the young Warlock invoked demons to attack her, but she repelled them by making the sign of the cross. Seeing this, Cyprian also made the sign of the cross, and was instantly released from the bondage of Satan, and converted to Christianity. He was baptized, became a deacon, then in priest, and finally in Bishop. Justina, now being her friend, became leader of a convent of nuns. Both Cyprian and Justina were persecuted by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who sent them to torture in Damascus and finally beheaded in Nicomedia, on the banks of the river Gallus.

However, the story ends not there, because in his days as an occultist and sorcerer, Cyprian had written a powerful book about magic spells, which remained intact even after their conversion, and who has appeared in many editions (and in several languages) after hundreds of years. Thus St. Cyprian has unusual reputation for being the patron saint of witches, magicians, sorcerers, occultists, demonologists, necromancers and spiritualists, good and bad. In recent times, has sometimes been invoked for the protection of the people who work with the popular Saint Death, on the theory that anyone who invokes the aid of a wild, unpredictable spirit may need assistance on the part of the ghost of an experienced Mage. So it was that the spells of St. Cyprian claimed relevance to our times.

St. Cyprian is usually depicted as a bearded middle-aged, and man in the garb of a Bishop with a crosier, dressed in a purple robe, and carrying a book. Then let's look at the prayers of St. Cyprian and St. Cyprian love spells and for protection against spells.

Note: These ancient spells are pagane black magic and rituals have ingredients that were used during a strong superstition. Damage to humans or animals is not recommended, as many Nations and municipalities have laws against such practices.

Prayer to St. Cyprian against spells

"Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, which toppled the old snake and tied it in tartar with dark ties, protect me from their traps. Through the prayers of our Blessed Virgin, mother of God and ever-Virgin Mary, the Holy Angel Michael and all the heavenly hosts, of the Holy Prophet and Juan Bautista, of the Holy evangelist Juan the theologian, of the Holy Martyr Cyprian and Justina martyr, St. Nicholas the miracle-worker of St. Nikita de Novgorod, St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the Caster... and of all the Saints, by the power of the cross of life and by the intercession of my guardian angel, deliver me from evil spirits, of cunning people, witchcraft, curses, evil eye, and any defamation of the enemy. Your omnipotent power will preserve me from evil, so illuminated by your light, can safely reach the quiet of the Heavenly Kingdom anchor and there to eternally thank you, my Savior, together with your father and your holy spirit. Amen."

The cross of San Bartolomeus and St. Cyprian. How do the cross? 

Take three pieces of cedar, one long, two short films, to give shape to the arms with Rosemary, rough and celery. Place in each arm, above and below the longest part, a small mixture of Cypress. Put in holy water for three days and take out of the water at midnight, saying the following words in a sentence: "cross of São Bartolomeu, in virtue of the water in which they were immersed and plants and forests that are formed, I free of the temptations of the evil spirit, and bring me the grace of luck. In the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen". Repeat the words, whispering, four times.

The great magic of beans

Kill a black cat and put a bean in each eye, one below the tail and one in each ear. Then, bury it, and water the Tomb each night at midnight until the beans, after sprouting, are ripe. Cut beans. After cutting, take them home and put them in his mouth one by one. When you create that you become invisible, it is because the grain in the mouth has magical properties. So, if you want to go anywhere without being seen, put the magic bean in your mouth.

Observations on the use of this magic

When you are watering beans appear many ghosts to scare you, so that you do not comply the magic until the end. The reason is simple: because the devil has envy of everyone who use this magic, without surrender to her body and soul, as do the witches, whom he calls women of virtue. Please have no fear, it will do no harm, and this is good, before anything, make the sign of the cross.

Spell of the black cat bone

Cook the body of a black cat in water boiling with white seeds and willow wood until the meat to loosen bones. Strain the bones in a sheet and, in front of the mirror, place the bones, one by one in the mouth, until you find that it has acquired the magic to become invisible. Save the bone with the magical property and, if you want to go somewhere without being seen, place the bone in his mouth.

Another spell of the black cat to do evil

To get revenge on an enemy, must be this way: take a black cat and, after tying four legs with a rope of Esparto grass (used for making carpets), take it to a crossroads at night, and say: "(I, say your name), in the name of Almighty God, ordered the demon to appear here under the yoke of obedience upper and holy laws." Lucifer, Satan, I command that you enter in the body of this person who I want to do evil and don't leave until I ordered it as well, and help me with all that I ask in my life", (in this case one should say what you want to do to the enemy). "Oh great Lucifer, Emperor of everything that is hell, I take this opportunity and you tied to the body (say the name of the enemy), as well as I've used this cat." After doing all what I ask, I offer you this cat, and bring it here when everything is ready."

Once the devil do what was asked, should go to the place where he was summoned and say: "Lucifer, Lucifer, here's what I promised" - these words unlock the cat.

How to make a pact with the devil and create a little devil?

Write on a piece of Virgin paper with his own blood: "I, with the blood of my little finger, write this to Lucifer, to make real all I want in life, and if this does not happen, I already not perteneceré to him" - then you must sign your name. Then you must write the same text in a black hen egg, fertilized by a rooster of the same color. Then, open a hole in the egg and drop a drop of blood from the little finger of his right hand inside. Wrap the egg in cotton and put it under a pile of manure or under black hens. This egg will be born a little devil, that must remain inside a silver box, with silver powder. Every Saturday should give his little finger of the right hand to the small Devil drink blood. Who is capable of possessing the devil in this way get everything he wants in life.
About this spell, St. Cyprian warns in his book: "every son of God who gives his soul to the devil will be at the same damn time because you created it and gave him the power to be was our Lord Jesus Christ."

More spells of St. Cyprian

The spell of the black dog

When has a black dog died, carefully take her right eye. Then, place the eye in a box and carry it in your pocket. Shake this small box to any dog, this will be the owner of the box wherever I go, even if the owner does not want to. The dog will disappear when you make three signs with the same box.

Spell to make evil using two dolls

Make two rag dolls, connecting one to the other, binding them so they embrace. Then put five nails in the following parts:

First nail on the head, going through, saying the following spell: well (the name of the person you want to do evil), I (say his name), nail, ato and I stab to his body, as well as I stab, ato and nail her figure.

Second nail into the chest, all the way through, saying the following: so (the name of the person you want to do evil) swear to that, under the power of Lucifer and Satan, which from now on will be an hour of health.

Third nail, in the stomach. Thus, I swear, under the power of evil magic, which from now on will not have a moment of peace.

Fourth nail, in the legs. Thus, swear to you, under the power of María Padilla, (a popular Spiritism entity) which from now on will be under this spell.
Fifth nail, feet. Thus, you nail and you tied from head to toe, by the power of the magic of the wizard. With this, the haunted person will never have a moment of good health.

Prayer to St. Cyprian against spells

Maria Padilla - whose name means Queen of fire, is an entity of light that works for the good. She lived long ago in France, and was the Madam of a House of prostitution (cabaret), all the men that was, in each of its incarnations, which were seven, are with her in the spirit world.

The magic of the four leaf clover

Four-leaf clover has the same magical properties as the fern seed. For use in magic, proceed in the same way as described with the fern seed. Only change the sentence, which is as follows: "I, creature of the Lord, redeemed by his Holy Blood, Jesus shed on the cross to save us from the wrath of Satan, I have a strong faith in the uplifting power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I ordered the demon leave this place forever, and I take it and you gripped the raging sea, not forever, but until you take this four-leaf clover, and as soon as I've caught I you release from your prison. All of this for the power and virtue of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen".
If the demon appears at the time in which it has been invoked, you must send it away and only then ask for what you want to, and he's going to do everything to not be imprisoned. At the end, you must retain the clover and do all what you want to, as it is written in the book of Saint Cyprian.

Recipe to keep faithful to her husband

Take bone marrow from the foot of a black dog and fill a box of wood needles with her. Then, needles box should be wrapped in a piece of red velvet and stitched. Make a hole in the mattress sleeping the couple, insert needle box, but making sure that you don't mind at night. Once done, the woman should become very friendly and compliant with the husband, accessing all your desires, and the husband will be faithful to it.

Recipe to know what others will do or want to do to you

Take the heart of a pigeon and the head of a frog who, after dried and reduced to powder, used to fill a cloth bag, adding a bit of musk. A small hole should be. Place the bag under the pillow of the woman when she is sleeping. After fifteen minutes you will begin to talk in a dream saying all he has done or intends to do. As soon as the person stops speaking, gradually remove sachet from under the pillow, in order not to expose the person to a brain fever, which may cause his death.

Recipe for happiness in the things that you do

Take the head and the feet of a toad, cut when he is alive, a Friday, just after the full moon of the month of September; these parts of the frog must be soaked in sauce oil for 21 days, then it must be removed in the 12th race of midnight, which leaves them exposed for three consecutive nights, the rays of the moon. Parts should then be ground in a clay pot that has never been used, after mixing them with cemetery land, the place where a member of the family of the person who is receiving the spell has been buried. The person who receives this spell can be sure that the spirit of the dead family will monitor everything that intends to do and never lose sight of their interests.

St. Cyprian: Spells for love

St. Cyprian: Spells for love
These are some St. Cyprian spells for love, found in his great book.

Recipe of the dove to make a woman love you

You must study, first of all, the character and the personality of the woman who wants to get. Then, take the heart of a small Dove Virgin and a snake to swallow it. This snake will surely die soon. Then take the Serpent's head and dry to simmer in an iron Grill. It is then reduced to powder, and add few drops of laudanum. When you want to use this recipe, rub a small amount of dust on his hands.

Recipe to make a man loves you

The woman must be obtained from the man she has chosen a subject of silver that has been used at least for 24 hours, a safety pin, a medal, a coin or a pending. With the silver in one hand, women will offer you with the other hand a chalice of wine, where you have added a drop the size of a grain of corn, with the following composition: the head of an eel, a pinch of hemp seeds and two drops of laudanum. As soon as the man has drunk from the chalice of wine, will be delighted by the woman who gave it.
Another recipe consists of women give the man a cup of chocolate chosen, to which she must add two dashes of cinnamon, clove five-pointed, ten grams of vanilla and a pinch of nutmeg. Once it is ready, remove the cloves and add two drops of Spanish fly (fly). For ingesting it is best to serve it in a sweet pie. Chocolate can be replaced by coffee, but in this case the coffee should be prepared with anise, later adding a drop of the Spanish fly.
If the woman is afraid of that man will go, and want to keep your love for a long time, you have to repeat this medication every two weeks. Meanwhile, she should invite him to dinner to serve:
For lunch, an omelette prepared in this way:
Beat the eggs; then pull them through his bare back, leaving that they fall to the bottom where it ends back. They are then fried and served hot.
For dinner grind meat for meatballs and mix the beaten eggs. Before starting to heat the meatballs, pass them one by one, by his sweaty body, breasts, back, and stomach, and leaving that they remain longer under the armpits.

The magic of the grapes

This magic, as taught by St. Cyprian, must be taking a bottle with a wide mouth filled with olive oil. Tie the bottle to a grape vine so a bunch of grapes begin to grow inside the bottle. You must wait for the grapes to grow and mature so that it can cut cluster and free bottle of vine. These are the properties of this oil and grapes that are inside the bottle:

1. when a lamp with oil lights, you will be able to see shrubs in which the vine grew up, including birds, plants, and people who were near when you cut the vine. As soon as the light turns off, everything will disappear.

2. the oil has the virtue of any new or old, wound healed by placing it at the top with a rope of linen;

3. with this oil can make souls out of purgatory and talk to who you call, at the door of the Church at midnight. To do so, should strike a light with the oil and say: "I, for the power of this light, ordered the souls in purgatory, those whose bodies have been buried in this place, to come and talk to me":. Souls are immediately displayed.

On the great book of Saint Cyprian

The great book of Saint Cyprian is a book dealing with the occult. The book is written in Portuguese and Spanish and has been published in several editions with different titles. Although the book refers to St. Cyprian, the Cipirano he referred to is without a doubt the legendary sorcerer later become Christian, Bishop and Saint, Cyprian de Antioquía was martyred together with Justina. The real book appeared centuries after his death, and could not have been written by him. In fact, the first known Edition came out in 1849. According to Crow "was the book of Saint Cyprian, taken from a manuscript. Made by the own Holy, which teaches how to undo all the spells made by the Moors in this Kingdom of Portugal, and also how to find the places where wealth is."

The book was taken from Portugal to Brazil and came to be widely used in popular religion, especially Umbanda and candomble. Many consider a sin possess it or even touch it. Some owners of books kept it chained inside a box. In Portugal, it is believed that reading the book back forward attracts the devil.

Here ends this article about St. Cyprian spells for love. We hope that these prayers of St. Cyprian to be useful. Continue  browsing this website to find more resources about traditional and modern witchcraft.

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