Use of Rue for money and prosperity spells

Today we'll talk about spells with rue. Rue (ruta graveolens) is a perennial herb of European origin, characterized by its greyish leaves and, yellow and inconspicuous flowers, and a distinctive strong and aromatic fragrance that is close to being "stinky". When the flowers are fertilized, rue forms clusters of green fruits of four lobes, which contain many brown seeds. Its name in Italian is rutta, and although it was not native to the new world, it has been widely accepted as a magical herb by the indigenous peoples of Central America and South America, especially among African American communities. They call it "rue", and there are a huge variety of "rue" spells for love, for protection and also to attract money and fortune.

For centuries, the rue was considered one of the most important herbs for their properties to provide protection, in particular against the evil eye, a belief that originated in the Middle East and which holds that a curse can fall on one through the eyes of an envious bystander.

Rue for monery and prosperityIn Italy, faith in the protective qualities of the rue is so great that an amulet with special rue, the Cimaruta, or "Stick of rue" is born as a pendant to ward off the evil eye. It is always made with Sterling Silver (the most common metal for the apotropaic charms, because the symbolic Association of the metal with the Moon, which serves to protect the women and children, the most common victims of the evil eye) and is most often found in the vicinity of Naples, where generations of craftsmen have developed a variety of Cimaruta.
Therefore, today I will share one of the most popular spells with rue I know. It is a traditional ritual to attract money with this powerful herb. Try it and you will see the magic of the rue for yourself.

Rituals and spells with rue: one for luck and prosperity

You will need the following items:

  • Rue, fresh or dried
  • Water for boiling
  • A green candle
  • A Bible

Fill a pot with water and put to boil. Add the leaves of rue to boil exactly seven minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and set it to cool. Light the green candle beside the port when the water is cold and keep your hand right into the liquid, while you pray Psalm 23 aloud.
When you've finished reciting the Psalm, say loud and strong:

"This blessed liquid bring wealth, prosperity and protection to me and my family. Amen. So! Thus, it will be!"

Let the candle burn and liquid to cool completely. Strain the water and keeps the rest in a bottle for future use.

You can add a bit of this liquid to the water you use for washing floors or you can spray small amounts of fluid around your House or in your place of work every Friday during the new moon to attract wealth and success.

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Here concludes this article on the use of rue for money and prosperity. I hope that this information about the rituals with rue has been very useful. Continue browsing this blog to learn more about white magic and witchcraft.

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