What do I need to make Spells?

Formal tools:

In witchcraft, and to work with spells and love ties, we call altar on a table or flat surface that will serve as a center of power and magic. Often, it is the focal point of a spell or ritual, which is where most of the ritual actions and magical work is performed. Some like to have a permanent altar, as well as also an altar for spells. A permanent altar would exist as a reminder of your spirituality and as a center of devotion to your deities or your art, whose decoration and arrangement of its elements tends to stay the same or change infrequently. An altar for the works of magic will change much more frequently since you will use different provisions for different rituals. Use your altar however as you prefer and how you feel most comfortable. Decorate with things that are important to you and to convert it into your own.


What I need to make Spells?
A knife or dagger for rituals. Not used to physically cut anything. Conventionally have a handle black double edged, and is used to direct the energy during the rituals. It is a tool to design, within the system of classical elements, representing the air, or in some traditions, the fire. We will use it to trace our magic circle before every ritual.
The campaign is a very spiritual instrument which touches to invoke positive energies, to call the spirits or deities, or to mark the beginning or end of the different parts of a ritual. Their sound is very sacred and therefore useful in the creation of a mental state of ritual. The bells can be used in the same way.

A ritual broom. Traditionally has been done with branches of birch and willow. It is a protection tool which is used for cleaning spiritual and magical, sweeping the negativity. The broom is only required to sweep the ground, slightly or even without touching it. The most important thing is to clearly visualize. Imagine the negativity and energies that distract us, being swept out.

This is a knife for practical use. It traditionally carries the white handle, to distinguish it from the dagger. Used for cutting herbs, branches, or ropes, or carve symbols.
Book of shadows

It's a personal book of spells. It is also often used to record information on witchcraft, as well as observations and thoughts. Some like to document observations and thoughts in a "book of mirrors" separately, leaving your book of shadows to keep instructive information.
See spells for beginners.

This is not the large pot full of bubbling liquid that comes to mind when you think on witches. In contemporary witchcraft, the pot is a container in which occurs the transformation and change, where you can fill with water and contemplate for divination, or fill with flowers or some other articles related to the practice that we are making. If we have a heat-resistant container, you can use it to make fire and the burning papers, etc. The whales come in many different sizes but generally used small. They are traditionally made of iron, with three legs and a rim that is slightly smaller than the widest part. Rarely are they used for making potions.

The chalice is a cup with a stem that is used to keep liquids during the rituals. Often, they simply contain water, which is normally present on the altar. It can be made from silver, brass, glass, stone, ceramics, any material. It is a responsive representative water tool.

Magic wand
The wand, as the athame, is used to direct energy. It usually it is made of wood and you can decorate or sign with symbols. It is a projective tool that represents fire, although some consider that it is an air tool.

Other materials
These useful materials are very often part of spells, sometimes even more than the more formal tools.
Jars and bottles

  • Rope, yarn
  • Candles
  • Herbs, flowers
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Crystals, stones
  • Mirrors
  • Containers
  • Shells
  • Feathers
  • Tarot and Oracle cards
  • Incense
  • Oils
  • Pendulum
  • Dolls
  • Magazines and paper
  • Bags or sachets
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Hair, nails, body fluids

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