White magic for weight loss

How to get slim with White Magic? In this article, you will discover that it is possible to lose simple white magic spell for weight loss you have the figure you want in a short time.

White magic for weight loss

White magic for weight loss
This spell is made with a thread, on which we are going to tie nine knots. Each knot tied in the thread will symbolize a hole in the belt. You'll think while you are doing this, you are tightening the belt around your waist as does every step of a weight loss program. This white weight loss magic spell is based on the traditional spell of nine knots used in Wicca magic to achieve incredible results. With each tied knot, makes your intention and willingness to change you, which will manifest itself in the future. We will use a yellow thread to symbolize a measuring tape.

Lose weight quickly with white magic: ingredients 

  • A piece of bright yellow thread

Take the thread and wrap it around your waist as you would taking measurements of yourself. Cut it so that just remains one piece of thread. Take this thread and then pronounce the following pray as you tie the knots:

By the knot one, healthy breakfast,
By the knot two, my new life started,
By the knot three, I will give no more excess,
By the knot four, I will live many more years,
By the knot five, now I do exercise,
By the knot six, I will look better,
By the knot seven, by the weight that I'll lose,
By the knot eight, because my health is my treasure,
By the nine knot, thin shall I see me!

With the nine, it binds the last knot. Make sure that all knots is distributed evenly and well spaced in the thread.
Now tie the two ends together and say:

"The ten knot is the strength, you invoke here and so be."

How the white magic can help you to lose weight

slimming magic
In White witchcraft, there are basically spells for any need that a person can have, so it is very natural that over the years has been created white magic spells to weight also. When it comes to losing the extra weight, things may seem to leave control in an effort to lose but to continue gaining weight. In the event that you have already exhausted all the alternatives, likely you want to try a bit of white magic to lose weight quickly. Although there are many skeptics, what you have to lose besides the weight?
You will find that you will have greater ease for dieting and get an ideal weight quickly if you give or not credit to the spell or yourself, that is up to you.

Another white witchcraft spell for weight loss

There are several methods of white magic to lose weight involving different spells and rituals, so there are different ridges too.

This simple ritual to get slim with a magic requires a white, yellow and blue candles, as well as a mirror. You'll turn each of the candles lined up in a row facing the mirror, pronouncing the following incantation:

Here I start to lose weight,
And I can finally do it.
Already the extra pounds are going,
And my trip becomes intense,
My motivation is the key,
And the universe is going to listen to me.

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You'll use the wax of the candles to create a new candle wax that combines three candles. You will repeat the ritual daily until the candle forms and then repeat the ritual with the new candle. You are going to burn new candle until extinguishes by itself or the wind turned off it and every day are going to do the same when you feel unhappy about your weight.

Here concludes this article on White magic for weight loss. Browse this Blog to discover more homemade recipes for white magic and spells for love, please share your comments with us!

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