White magic to get a job fast: A spell easy and effective

Today we will see a white magic easy spell to get a job fast. While there are a variety of rituals to gain employment, many of them may be difficult to make or take enough time to make effect. If you need to get a job fast, this simple ritual of white magic to get a job can be what you are looking for.

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White magic to get a job: instructions

White magic to get a job fast: A spell easy and effective
You are looking for a job that you have seen in the newspaper or employment agency, or for one job that you would like to have. If you create a hypothetical situation, it is important for you to be specific in terms of salary, location, etc. As more details use in this white magic spell to get a job, more powerful will be the effect which will generate, but always remember to be realistic, so don’t you ask the universe.

Light a deep blue candle (blue is the color of Jupiter and is excellent for any ritual to get a job) and place it in a large metal tray support.

Read the announcement several times to memorize it, then fold it into a cone shape, and slowly burn it over the flame of the candle, leaving ash to fall into the tray.

When all the paper has burned, collect the ashes in a small box or bag. (if the shuts down, don't worry - simply light it again, showing the universe your persistence and determination while you do this spell to get a job.)

Bury the remains under a, energetic tree, such as oak or ash, if possible on land near the workplace chosen. If you can't find this type of tree, bury the ashes in a pot of mint (Mint is a powerful energizing). The closure of the spell is very important in the rituals for finding jobs, so do not forget this step.

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With that you can to terminate the white magic spell to get a job. You'll see results in a little time, but look for employment actively, and keep an eye on all the opportunities that may arise. Make any question or comment you need here below, and many successes!

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