Witchcfaft Spells for Money with coins

Something that I recommend to all those who want to experiment with white magic and spells to attract money is starting to write in a notebook the amount of savings you have. You can begin to do this when the Moon is growing, and whenever you see an entry, you receive a deposit or consume even a coin to your piggy bank, add this amount to your notebook. This soon becomes a complete record of your finances. And you will be able to see how your money accumulates. This will be a great inspiration for you to continue saving.
But now I bring a couple of old tricks, made with witchcraft and coins, so you use and apply on your money. It is an old way to use magic to protect your money and attract prosperity into your life. Use these witchcraft spells with coins to make money at home.
Spells for Money

Witchcraft Spells for Money with coins

This witchcraft spells will attract some coins to you every day. It is better if you have a goal in mind, such as an amount of money or something you need to pay or buy. This can take some time, but it is worthwhile. You will need the following for this spell:
  • A bowl
  • A silver coin
  • Herbs: basil, cinnamon, and thyme
  • Two candles: a green and a golden one

Light the candles and place it one on each side of the bowl. Put the herbs in the bowl along with the silver coin and pronounce the following spell to attract money:

"A single coin to attract the wealth,
The money grows with this home-made recipe,
Every day one coin I'll add,
I start with this one right now".

Let drip some wax on the herbs and the money. Then blow out the candles. Every day add another coin to the mix. Keep open eyes to find coins that you see on the street and add them to the bowl.

This spell is of my authorship and it has worked perfectly for me so far. Let's continue learning other witchcraft spells for money with coins you can do simultaneously.

Other witchcraft spells with coins to attract money

Get your wealth grow.

You can use any plant for this spell, including indoor plants that you already have. If you want to make the most powerful spell, use Basil or jade for this. You will need:
  • An indoor plant in a pot
  • A coin
  • A hint of patchouli herb
Don't do this spell with a plant half dead. It must be healthy and prosperous. Sprinkle a bit of patchouli in the land of the pot and pushing down the coin from one of its edges, sinking it into the Earth.

You don't have to completely bury the coin. A bit of the edge of it must still protrude from land. Whenever you have a considerable income of money, takes the money and use it to buy something. Replace it with another coin to maintain the spell working.

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Here concludes this article on Witchcraft Spells for Money with coins. Use these spells or continues browsing this blog to discover more spells to attract money, to fall in love with a person, to attract good luck and much more. Successes!

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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