How to have good luck: 5 magical secrets

How to have good luck: 5 secrets of wizardry home. Many people associated with witches Halloween or horror movies. A lot of TV shows about witches have become popular in recent years. Some are comedies; others are a little more daring and mysterious. But, would ever think than your neighbor's side could be a true witch? A survey conducted in the year 2000 estimated that more than 750,000 witches and pagans living in America. Most of the witches practice an ancient belief system called Wicca which has its roots in Europe. Wicca is a religion of the land. The land is considered sacred, as well as many of their natural plants and herbs, precious stones and metal objects. A witch uses the power of these natural objects to make all kinds of amulets, love potions and spells. They recite spells and charms to attract money, prosperity and protection. Contrary to common belief, sorcerers and witches don't practice black magic. One of the most sacred virtues of this culture is to do no harm to anyone. Below are five spells that you will learn and understand How to have good luck in love, in money, and in your life.

How to have good luck in money

How to have good luck: 5 magical secretsTo attract money into your life to you will have to make a small bag with a square piece of green cloth. Above the fabric will put a little gold or silver jewelry, coins or even a ticket is going to work. It is important that it is something that symbolizes money and wealth. It also places a sprig of cinnamon in the fabric to give you the quality attract the money to your bag. Pick up the ends of the fabric and close the bag with a green thread. Indicates your intentions in the form of a prayer or incantation. We will use various spells in this article on How to have good luck. You must be as specific as you can ask for the financial blessings in your life. Place the bag out for a day to absorb the Sun's energy. It is now ready for you to take it with you. Place the small bag in your pocket, purse or bag. If you're a business owner, you can put it on the cash register. Let's see how to have good luck in other aspects.

How to have good luck in the lottery

To attract good luck in gambling, you will need to resort to the clovers. Go to your backyard or a park and collects three clubs. You don't have to find four-leaf clovers because all the clubs attract luck, the regular three-leaf clovers will be well and will work for this spell. In a table put three white candles in a triangular pattern. Place the three clubs on the table in the center of the candle. Light the candles and repeated three times: "Bring good fortune with the power of three and thus multiplies my prosperity". Do this whenever you need some extra luck, like before playing the lottery, a bet, or go to the casino.

How to have good luck in love

You will need a red or pink envelope and paper on which to write, in the same color. You will also need a red rose, perfume and lipstick red. Let's see how to have good luck in love easily and effectively. First, write the characteristics of the type of lover you are looking for in the role and place it in the envelope. With rose, removes each petal while you say that he/she loves you. Do not say that he or she does not love you. When you've ripped all the petals hold them in your hand and think about one or two moments whit love and happiness. Then place the petals on the envelope. Now close the envelope with a kiss. Make sure that the bar of red lips leaves a mark of your lips in the envelope. Then sprinkle the envelope with your favorite perfume. If you're a man simply draws a heart when you close the envelope. Hides the envelope with the spell of love in a safe place and never open it. You'll meet someone special soon.

How to have good fortune

This charm is one of the easiest to make and is ideal for beginners who want to try how to have good luck. But we must not underestimate the

power of this spell on the basis of its simplicity. The oak is considered sacred and is believed to have a special energy. You must find an old oak and search their acorns. Take three acorns and thank the tree for them. You must then ask the Holy oak energy to flow from Acorn through you, by the power of three. Acorns take with you for a month to receive the blessings of the good fortune of the universe. Then bury acorns where they will have the opportunity to grow.

How to have good luck in business

In this spell, you may burn a little bit of pine, which is a symbol of the money. If you have a fireplace inside or outside it will be perfect. A container of metal with burning coal will also make it very well, or even a gas barbecue grill. Bring some under pine needles of a pine tree. Add a bit of bark from the tree. Waiting to have a bit of sticky SAP on the crust with the wonderful smell of pine, which is the best for this. The use of cinnamon also empowers this spell. When you have a small fire on, or after the coal has become white, simply place the pine over hot embers and leaves smoke and finally ignite. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and asks the financial blessing while pine energy is released into the universe.

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Here conclude these magical instructions about How to have good luck in love, money and in your life. Continue browsing this site to find hundreds of rituals of love, spells for money, work and many other magical resources.

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