How to bewitch a man with home-made magic

In today's article, you will learn how a woman can bewitch a man, even if it is in a relationship with another person. We'll see how you can Captivate a man so that he keep faith with you for a lifetime. There are occasions in which a man can not forget a woman, in which his memories is chased and not let him rest, even if it is in another relationship. This is when people say "you have Bewitched him". Let me tell you that this happens more often than you think, and is entirely possible to make home-made. Many women have learned the art of bewitch a man.

The wise woman knows how to keep her man. And how to keep their attention and imagination, wanting to remain at his side, sharing time and moments, sharing growth. The wise woman preserves her man for as long as she wants. I say that the wise woman is who has discovered the magic that exist in their own personal power, and that you can handle it and use it in a constructive way to be happy.

How to bewitch a man with home-made magic How to bewitch a man with home magic

Magic is a word of the unseen, or ancient times when it was associated with witchcraft, i.e. the sorcerers and witches. Today we know better the world; with the advent of quantum physics that explains that the entire universe and the cosmos are pure energy, the word "magic" can be changed to "constructive (or destructive) use energy." The magician of yesteryear used universal energy along with their own intention to achieve what he wanted. Dark wizards and witches were the misuses of these powers to control or destroy others and therefore themselves. The good Wizard or Warlock white equals a Saint whose energy and prayers can be transformed to other people and the world in a constructive manner. They resorted to powerful sources of energy and faith to create miracles.
I tell you a big secret. You can be one girl either and slowly transform into the most exciting, vibrant, attractive and magnetic woman. I will not talk about tricks of the craft, as a garnish, what perfume use, or fashion and style. Rather, I'd like to focus on the intangible: as bewitch a man with your personal power that makes use of the magnetic energy.

The trick is to develop this personal power by making you more aware of the energy field that surrounds your body. Normally, this power is only a couple of inches around your body. It has its roots in the navel area, in the upper part of your stomach. This area is where it is stored, but can be expanded to measure what you want. Thus, the first step is to know that you have this energy field. A concrete way of feeling this energy is rubbing your two hands together and then, with your palms facing, feel what is happening in the space between them. You will feel energy currents that create static electricity between your palms. This is the energy that must be cultivated to grow your personal power.

The second step is to learn how to play and control this energy field. Your session of practice for beginners will be sitting in a pose of meditation and close my eyes, or simply lying. Then just feel the energy as it moves inside you and around you. Once you feel it, can you help to move through the display of its movement, is imagining and thinking where you want the energy to move. Intermediate practice sessions will be as you move in your daily activities, and you can feel this energy in motion to your around and be very aware of it, even if you have a very active life.
Now, let's move to the sessions of actual practice with an external object: your man! You can bring power to your eyes, energizing time of the look you give it. A simple glance, if loaded with this energy, can mean a million things, from an invitation, a suggestion, a connection, even a history of your inner soul.

Or you can take this power to the tips of the fingers, charging them while you touch it, you caress it. Or you can bring this energy to the area of your heart and feel all the emotions as they expand into the attraction and love. Better, you can energize all your field of energy altogether, strengthening, showing you to your man as in a bubble; and that you transmit this magnetic energy when their bodies touched.

Awaken your personal power and magnetism is to visualize yourself as a strong, dynamic and bold woman. This means that all the negative emotions, insecurities, fears, remorse, anger must be faced, cleaned from your system. Personal power can only develop consciously. I repeat, in a conscious way. It takes time and practice and a constant will never be lazy or look back on the process since this is the process of growth. There is nothing as bewitch a man becoming a wise woman who knows how to keep him happy and keep it as the center of your world.

Just like the genius that is released from the bottle, the personal power must be freed from our inside. Believe me, this power is the most important part when working with white magic and witchcraft. Once you learn the basics you can make your own spells woo a man madly.

How to bewitch a man: homemade recipes

Within this website, I've in charge of collecting hundreds of instructional and home remedies for white magic. You'll find recipes for fall in love with a man, as well as for luck, money and health. Then you leave some of the most effective you can do simple and free way to bewitch a man madly.

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