How to do a spell to fall in love with candles and oils

How to do a spell to fall in love with candles and oils. This is a spell of love simple and easy that does not require a lot of ingredients, and you can find them at home easily. This spell will make you much more desirable to the opposite sex and is 100% effective to increase your confidence when you want to feel sexy or attractive. If you want to learn How to do a spell to fall in love easily, home-made, continue reading and browsing this website.

How to do a spell to fall in love easy and home

You will need:

  • 1 pink candle
  • 100% virgin olive oil

How to do a spell to fall in love with candles and oils
Take the candle and place it on your altar or a table. Now take the olive oil and anoint the candle with oil using your index finger and thumb, starting with half and up to the tip. Then it begins again by half and low to the base of the candle. While you purifies the candle with the oil, you'll be loading the candle with love and desire, then display this love and channel your excitement in sailing.
After anointing the candle completely with oil this way, take a knife and carve what you want on the sail.
For example: say "John Stuart" love me.

Finish blowing the candle, simply turn it on and concentrate on feeling the love, conveying so much emotion into the flame of the candle as you can, can you even want to pronounce a word if you wish. Sit and meditate on this until the candle has burned completely. Make sure that you feel good in your space with no one to bother you while you do this spell for love. How much more sexy feel, better work this spell for you.

Once the candle has been fully consumed, the ritual is over. To get rid of the remains and clean your personal space.

Here concludes this article on How to do a spell to fall in love with candles and oil. Please continue browsing this website to learn more about white magic love spells, spells for money, spiritual online works and much more. Follow us on Facebook to receive homemade recipes for love every day.

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