Spell to catch a man with photo

The ties of love to tie the man you want are a tempting option, but you must understand that this type of spells they do is force someone you love, that you should think well about the possible consequences of the use of witchcraft and magic for this purpose.

It is not always easy to distinguish the thin line between white for love magic spells and black magic spells, and still there are several levels of handling which may be trying to. While black magic in general consists of spells they are directed at a specific person, a tie for a man, in particular, is one of the ways of magic which obliges it to love. You can cast a spell to a certain person without necessarily crossing that line, without interfering with your FREEWILL.

Spell to catch a man

Spell to catch a man with photoThis spell will make the man you have in mind to think of you every day. It's really a simple spell, but it takes much concentration. This tie for a man home requires the following elements:

  • Photo of the person
  • Your photo
  • Pink thread
  • 3 candles red or pink

Place the candles in a formation of triangle 30 centimeters of distance from each other. Using thread, tie the photo of the man with your photo, so that both are connected. Place the union in the center of the candle. Light the candle and pronounce this incantation:

"Candlelight, which shines and which burns.
Show your natural forces (person's name)!
Tonight, you will enter in your thoughts.
Get him to think of me, while this tie stays made."

Tie for a free man

Light the second candle on your left and repeat the spell, do the same thing with the last candle. It now displays the pink wire glowing. After you turn off candles one by one, say “it may be”

Preserves the photos tied with thread. Put the bunch in a safe place, might need to undo it someday if you want that break the spell. Just cut or untie the knots.

Here ends this home spell to tie a man. Recalls that the way safer and more generally accepted to love is to make them generic and let the magic find the right person for you. Something like creates a magnet to attract someone for you. You can find many free love spells online that fit your needs.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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