Effective love rites to tie a man

Since the beginning of time, people sought to make potions and rituals to induce love and provoke desire. Some of the best this type occur naturally with certain foods such as oysters, onion, ginseng and ginger. But if the subtle effect of these substances is not enough for you, I recommend you to try one of the following rites of free love. Browsing this website you'll find all kinds of rituals and recipes of homemade love, you will discover love candlelight rites, rites of love in a full moon, and all kinds of spells and effective love ties.

Effective love rites to tie a man
However, I must warn you something: trying to impose your will upon the free will of another person, is something that goes against the principles of the ethics of the white magic, even for a reason so benevolent as true love. If you do, remember the saying: be careful what you ask, because you might get it. These rites of free love many times work perfectly, and then is when you get that you end up falling in love with you someone completely inappropriate for you, so you can even be dangerous. It is best to use these spells and rites of love as an offering to the gods and goddesses of love, asking to meet the desire of your heart, by sending someone who is really right for you.

Some rites of love

Rite of love for Venus

This spell will attract true love to you, but only if the entire procedure of the spell has completed successfully. Begins the spell on a Friday, (Venus), and repeats the ritual the next seven nights.
You will need:

  • 1 red heart made of fabric
  • 1 candle Red
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 white cloth
  • 7 needles or pins
  • Essence of Venus incense

This spell is thrown naked and in absolute privacy. After a cleaning and a relaxing bath, sprinkle your body with erotic oil perfumes. Choose an area in your bedroom, deploys the white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Draw a protective circle, light the Red candle and incense, focused your sexual energy and pronounce the following incantation:

"I invoke, beloved (or loved),
So that I love more than anyone,
Seven times I pierced your heart,
Today, on the day in which the magic of Venus begins.
I tie your heart only to me;
As I wish. So".

Repeat the incantation seven times, by placing a PIN in the heart whenever you pronounce it. Turns off the candle and the ceremonial incense, leaving the pins in the heart until the next night, when diligently throughout the ritual. Let's see some rites of love by candlelight.

Rite of love for passion

Use this ritual to ignite the passion in your partner.

You must burn a Rose-Scented incense the Friday night (as we all know, Friday is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love). Lights two candles of red color (red for passion and excitement), and then on two sheets of paper, write the name of your lover and added a drop of red wine if you are a man or a drop of perfume if you are a woman. Put a sheet of paper underneath each candle.

Put you in a sensual mood and display your lover alone, in a dark place. As the picture becomes clearer in your mind, visualize a bright red light beginning to surround it, gradually encircling her entire body. After a couple of minutes, leave that image fade slowly. Performs this ritual for five consecutive nights. Be sure to be alone with your partner on the sixth night of the ceremony for a total effect. Let's see ritual of free love.

Rite of love to attract a lover

Use this ritual to make a person love you.
With a sharp knife cut two small hearts of linen or cotton. Place a pinch of ground cinnamon wrapped in a rose petal newly elected, that has been rubbed with spring onion. Put the ingredients between the cores and sew them together. Click a pin the finished product on the left side of your underwear. Sprinkle salt to your about and then write your name and of your being desired, along with their dates of birth in a small piece of white paper.

Now draw a heart around the names. Light a red candle and burn the paper until only ashes. Squeeze the juice of a plant of verbena and soak your hands in it. It is up to the man or woman you want and then he or she will be yours.

Here concludes this article on rites of free love, so that you can try at your home. If you don't have enough experience with witchcraft, I recommend you to keep browsing this website to find more white magic spells, love ties recipes, and much more.

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