Spells and rituals to attract love

Here are two effective spells, the first is to attract a lover and the second is to bring back a lost love. In general, powerful love spells tend to be issued by professional practitioners, either a witch or a sorcerer, however, if you don't have the money or the resources on this website you can find all kinds of instructions and recipes to make your own spells and moorings of effective free love. The following spells and moorings to attract the beloved are effective and it sufficiently easy to do by yourself; just keep in mind that these spells must be made with care and always with a clear mind.
First and foremost for beginners: doing a spell you will have to find a quiet place where anyone distract you; make sure you take the proper time to prepare the ritual and not hurry! Remember that you'll be working with some of the most powerful forces in the universe, therefore, you have to treat them as such.

Spells and rituals to attract love Spells to attract love

What you will need:

  • A pink candle
  • Jasmine incense
  • Rosemary (fresh rosemary works best if you only have dried Rosemary can also use)

Note: it is better not to do this spell by a particular person, but because of the qualities that you wish to find a lover. If that person is suitable for you, the universe itself will bring it to you, but will be responsible for getting someone better or more appropriate.

Before you begin the ritual I suggest you take some time to concentrate on these qualities, you can even write them down and cut out photos to have a better mental image.
Turn on Jasmine incense; While visualizing the kind of person that you want to spend the rest of your life. To light the candle it is pronounced aloud the qualities you want in a true love. Then sprinkle the Rosemary on the flame while you say the following incantation:

"These are the things that I like about you, a man / woman who is loving and faithful.
I ask the spirits above, send me my one and only true love."

I tell this as many times as necessary, just keep in mind that while you say this you need to maintain concentration. When you feel that you've completed the ritual di "So" and off candle (be sure to not blow it, but turn it off with your fingers or a conical, also use a metal spoon). We continue seeing more spells and moorings to attract the loved easily.

Ritual for bringing Love back

Material needed:
A red candle consecrated, wire color, oil of love, paper and pencil

Ritual of love
You must slightly warm the candle and hit three sewing threads (these must be of a very similar color to the hair of the person that you want to cast this spell of love). If it's possible to get three hair of that person, the love spell will be even more effective. Then take the candle in your hands and think very firmly in the beloved person: try to visualize that person coming towards you brimming with desire and trying to seduce you. After this, moisten your fingers with oil and cover the candle with the ointment in a sensual way, as if you were playing your lover and soaking you in his love. Light a candle and repeat with conviction and wish the next spell of white magic of love: "love is sweet, the desire is infinite, as I caress this candle would like to caress you-, spirits of desire, come to my aid now". Then you will have to write down the name of your lover three times and burn it with the candle. While the paper, you will repeat your lover name three times. This spell of love allows you to exponentially enhance the desire and make a great attraction.

To bring back a former lover

What you will need:

  • A pen or pencil Red
  • White paper
  • A piece of mica
  • A black satin fabric trim

It is recommended to do this spell on a Friday as Venus on Friday is governed around the goddess.
On the piece of paper, you'll write your name and the name of your former lover. Draw a square around the names and as you close your eyes to pronounce the following incantation:

"Our fate is sealed, we are one."

Short square, place the piece of mica on it and wrap it in black satin. When you are done you will have to find a body of water (stream, River, Lake, sea) and leave your spell in the water so take your message.

It all depends on how much you focus and what you have in your heart. You can expect to see results as early as 3 weeks.

Here concludes this article on spells and binds to attract love. Continue browsing this website to discover more recipes for homemade love and learn How to make white magic for free. Please share it in your social network if you find it useful.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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