How to draw a magic circle for your rituals

If you are learning How to do white magic spells, you've heard the traditional practice of drawing a magic circle before every ritual. Before you begin a spell or ritual, it is useful to define a space for the ritual, and draw a magic circle is an effective way of doing so. This not only protects us from energies which can also distract us, helps us to enter a mental state appropriate to start the ritual. Not all wizards draw this circle, in the same way, so best to experiment a little and find what works best for you. Here is a general guide:

How to draw a magic circle for your rituals

How to draw a magic circle for your rituals1 determines the amount of space that you use in your ritual. If you just need space for you, a good rule of thumb is to make a large enough circle enter your outstretched arms. If you're going to stand or move, or if the ritual includes something like an altar or more people, you will need more space.

2. be sure that you have everything you need for the ritual before drawing the circle. There is nothing more annoying than realizing that you have forgotten items and have to go looking for them. If you need to interrupt the ritual for some reason, useful to many views a small door in the circle, which you can close again until you return. In this way, the circle is not interrupted.

3 clean your area of ritual. First, placing an order and passing the vacuum cleaner or sweeping (with a normal broom, not ritual) physically, clean if necessary. Then cleans and purifies negative energy field. Some purifiers processes include slightly touching the floor with a broom for ritual, spread some incense inside the place, sprinkle salt or salt water, and play a musical instrument (I like especially the chimes and bells). Most importantly, no matter which method to use, see dispersion and total elimination of negative energy. If not concentrate and visualizing this, physical actions of your ritual will have little effect.

4. Once your space is clean and ready to start, draw your circle. There are a lot of ways to do this, but in general the people traces a circle with a magic wand, dagger, or even by hand. Note that the tool you are using does not have to touch the ground - if you need to just point down. Display protective power that comes from within you and direct it toward your dominant arm. Concentrate your casting tool and displayed a bolt of energy that comes from it and settles on the ground. Some like to trace a circle several times (for example, once for protection, once for the concentration, and once in power), but this is not necessary. Sometimes like sorcerers summon the four directions (this, South, West, North), especially if your ritual involves invocations or the presence of the divine. Sometimes the circle is drawn with candles, stones, ropes, or some other marker. In general, the circle imagines such as a sphere or dome of energy. Keep in mind that while stronger are your displays, will be best traced circle. Take your time and concentrate.

5. when the circle traces, you continue with your ritual, but always try to be aware of the existence of the circle. It would be useless to forget and leave it as if nothing.

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