Witchcraft with photos: two effective and free spells

Witchcraft with photos is not something particularly complicated in the world of white magic and love ties. So here you can learn easily how to do witchcraft with photos, quickly and effectively.
If you want your potential lover to feel attracted to you, this is the best black magic love spells. In the images that you use to do witchcraft with a photo, it should not be anyone more except for you and the other person.

How to make a witchcraft with photo

Witchcraft with photos: two effective and free spellsThe elements that we will use for this spell are as follows:

  1. Picture of you
  2. Photo of the person you wish to tie
  3. A red candle
  4. Pencil or marker

In the back of the picture of him / her, write "I love you", and on the back of your photograph, write "You love me". Light the candle and includes both photos, imagining you two together in real life. Drips wax candle on the front sides of both pictures and quickly paste them.
To run the witchcraft with photos , repeats the following incantation:

"They were two and now are one,
Together as the Earth and the Moon"

Slide the pair of photos under your pillow and sleep with them there until the loved one is finally yours.

Another spell of witchcraft with photos

A spell to make that certain person thinks about you non-stop.
You will need the following for this spell:

  • Incense
  • Candle Red
  • Photo of the person

Light the incense and candle. Look at the picture and focus all your feelings on the person. He then sings the following incantation:

"I put this spell on you, feel what you make me feel.
Because I think of you night and day,
And you will do the same thing in this life."

This really works. If necessary, and if you have experience in the spell of love, can modify the words to better adapt to your person.

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11 comentarios:

  1. Can I Undo The Second Spell ? When ever I want.. If so Can U tell how to do it ?

    1. Hi ADEN, you can't unde a spell just when you want, this is nos a game. But not be affraid, these kind of spells that work with will always ands with time. Blessings

    2. Thanks Amira
      ..is the Candle Size Matters or any size Red One Is Enough ?..Waiting for your reply..

  2. Thanks..For Your Reply.. Can I use any size of candle From Small To Big R ..?

  3. Can I Use Pink Candle Instead Of Red One ..Because this color is not available in our state That's y I Searched everywhere...only Pink green orange white green & yellow only available ..Red & pink possess the same properties right? love & romance like that..That's y ..can I use that ..Or Any Suggestions Please.. waiting for your reply..

  4. Sorry If This Is A Stupid Question..But Need Your Help..Any Suggestions..Please Waiting For Your Reply ? . .

    1. Hi ADEN, you can try with pink candles as well, the real point is to be focused while you make the spell. Blessings

  5. Hai..Got The Red Color Candles Somehow ..Can you say What To Do With The Candle..We Should Start It With Lighting The Candle & Incense..Then seeing the pictures with focused feelings by chanting the incantation ..during this process.. Should We let candle to burn it down itself..r We Should Snuff out the candle after the ritual is finished by me..Or I Should Wait There in the ritual place with continuation of focused feelings Till it has been burned down by itself completely..

    1. He Aden, is better to let candle to burn down itself, good luck with the spell!

    2. Hello Amira, how are you?

      My name is Briana I am wanting to try both spells on my ex gf who has left me 2 years ago but still love her.

      Will the spell really work?

  6. Hello sorry just wanted ask how long till results ?

    Have a blessed day!