Diamond water, the powers of the smart water

We all know the healing water power. This primordial element of nature, which we delivered over the springs, springs, rivers or the sea, grant us clean energy and body purification properties.

However, perhaps more complex understand what happens when the water we drink is that heals us energetically. This is diamond water. But, what is it, an invention of man? The reality is Yes. After years of research, a Frenchman named Joel Ducatillon, discovered thanks to an encoder device he invented, that water had a series of biological elements (vitamins, hormones, metals, minerals, etc.) which are modified according to certain stimuli that caused him to water. Thus, the perfected a technological device that stimulated the particles of water with sounds or vibratory waves and could that water is highly healing.

Diamond water, the powers of the smart waterAs result obtained a 'smart water', able to capture the intentions that have people doing verbal orders. What is surprising is that diamond water can transform and raise, by a biological process, the positive energy within the body of those who drink it. With the time of experimentation, found that the frequency of vibration of the diamond water is higher and, thanks to her, energies that solve some human conflicts are internally produced.

How is diamond water?

He is a certain verbal order that will be recorded in the water and will be sent, to drink it, directly to the DNA. Thus, in the form of a coded message, this will change progressively the cellular memory of the subject to improve the functioning of your body.

Where can I get diamond water?

To get it, should make a search of people who kindly gave it. It is not a product that is sold, but is given away among the people who consume it, and believe in its power. Under these instances, it is important to take care to save certain amount of adamantine water to play permanently. As a healing element contains a high-energy sacred and therefore must it be treated and spread hand and hand in the same way.

Heal with diamond water

In the morning start sitting down in a comfortable place and carry out exercises of meditation; then start the ritual of healing with diamond water. Drink a little and apply it to the affected areas of your body, you want to be healed. Say: "I'm healthy in the name of the light". While repeating this Decree focus their attention on brow, where spiritual energies are grouped. Breathe and relax completely. If during the day, you feel discomfort or pain you can make this practice as often as you want it.


Something similar is what made Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who underwent microscopically photographing water molecules frozen to - 25 ° C, from different sources, after being exposed to words and music both harmonious and aggressive and found, also, that the water forms different structures. This means that the water is a smart particle, that is aware and which communicates.

Here ends this article on diamond water, smart water powers. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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