Energy cleansing in the workplace

Energy cleansing to counteract bad vibes

What to do when in our workplace we feel that negative energy abounds Below are some useful and practical forms of protection and purification with this effective energy cleansing in the workplace

In order to protect us in the workplace we have to eradicate bad vibrations, so we can perform our peaceful daily tasks and get better results at the end of the day. Often, negative waves of people who visit us are impregnated in the walls and floors. But do not despair. These things feel and should be cut in time, so that the body and mind are concentrated on the issues that really need to meet. Then, easy and effective tips to counteract negative energies.

Energy fumigation in the workplace Lavender Potion

Dilute the essence of lavender in a generous amount of water. Apply this mixture in the spray used for ironing clothes, and a few minutes before ironing spray with it all the clothes that used to go to work: suits, shirts and dresses. It will form a protective shield that will accompany him throughout the day.

Potion of male rue

Pour into 10 liters of water seven outbreaks of ruda macho and a drizzle of fine alcohol. Let stand overnight. The next day wash floors, walls and doors of your workplace with this solution.

Ritual of salt

Place salt in a bowl and throw a pinch at the entrance of your business or work as you say: "Holy salt, salt of the Earth, clears the evil of this place to make us free".

Nails smell of incense

Burned as incense, nails eliminates negative and hostile forces, produces positive spiritual vibes and purifies your workplace.

Ritual with Basil

Take a handful of Basil and boil it in 6 cups of water into a bowl of mud. Allow to cool. A night of new moon (phase cutting) leave the container covered in an open space. Under it place a role where you will have written all the negative things that happened lately instead of work. The next day, burn the paper, pull the remains inside the cooker and also bury the content of this on Earth.

Chinese knots

For the Chinese, these knots symbolize strength and harmony, and serve to bring about good luck and other virtues. You can place them hung on the inside of the front door of your business or office, in order to protect that space from the bad influences coming from the outside.

Ritual of incense and coffee

Place coals from a censer and put a teaspoon of ground coffee, letting burn with fire. Don't waste a moment; This is very effective when you feel negative energy introduced in the workspace by strangers; Repeat whenever you need it.

Work with holy water

Spray each corner of the room where more hours to stay during the day with holy water, mentally praying a Hail Mary, asking so it sneaks evil and between the good in that place.

Protection with lemon

Place limes in different areas of your business or office; replace them when it becomes yellow. You can also boil its shell in rainwater; from the energy point of view, the acid of the lemon helps boost its buffering power against negative energies.

Ritual with cinnamon

In any of the presentations you can enjoy its benefits; the best is to burn cinnamon sticks; its sweet scent can also be appreciated in the form of incense or scented candles. In all cases, remove the remains of the cinnamon after 30 minutes of having it turned on, time in which there will be absorbed completely the bad vibes of the environment.

Talisman of parsley

Place parsley in a glass cup that has water up to half; Add a tablespoon of sugar and a cinnamon. Leave the cup within the office for 5 days; When wilt the parsley it will have to renew it, that means that it is absorbing bad energies that exist in place.

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