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Today we will see Luck Talisman from gypsy collective used to attract good luck, find work, for personal protection or the House, the prosperity of a business.
Although we do not create it, more people than we think use amulets or talismans in their day to day, what happens is that no one is commenting on it.

Good luck is something that we all want to be, but rather what is a protection against bad luck and bad energy or evil eye.
Which brings us to try to modify the future events so that, if we are those people that many things go we evil or regular, we can attract luck and happiness. An amulet is an object which is said to protective properties against misfortunes, ills, diseases, accidents or misfortunes. This word comes either from the latin "amuletum" (and "amoliri", get away or move) or Arabic "jamala" (lead) and "jamalet", which means object that takes.

Luck Talisman from gypsy collectiveThe sorcerer is the person who must make the amulet, which is designed to protect the person wearing it. This differs from the talisman, which serves to attract luck and happiness channeling very positive energies for the owner of the same.

These amulets have their origin in a period very primitive, being the first materials used, but then others were using the stone, bronze, clay or leather.
The difference between amulet and talisman is an amulet is easy to make for yourself, using natural objects, while the talisman is necessary notions of ritual and magical themes, and therefore it must be specialized and expert on these issues.

Gypsy (romani) people in wikipedia

Types of Gypsy talisman and how to make them

The most common amulets among the Gypsies are the leg of a rabbit, precious or semi-precious stones, a club, or a volcano stone (is forbidden to take this last element of natural landscapes, but if you already have one it is a stone with excellent effects such as talisman).
It may be in a Pocket, tucked into a small bag of fabric sewn to the garment, in a pendant, bracelet, etc., depending on the type of amulet that is.

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A classic talisman is a four-leaf clover.

They are few; Therefore, when one is, it is interpreted as a symbol of good luck. Each of its leaves means every one of the factors that make up happiness: health, money, love and social success or popularity.

To protect a home, can be a scarecrow on the front door of the house, so all the negative things that can come from the outside keep away. Anyone must touch it except ourselves.

Gypsy amulet with cards

A way that money enters in our house, is taking a new deck of Spanish cards and separate the six golds of the harness. Prepare a money incense and smoke the card, placing it below at the entrance of the House, so that the part of the rather than the Charter, i.e. that shows the drawing of the six, look from outside to inside.

Also another way money enters the home is throw a handful of generous of sunflower seeds in a bowl and put it in a window that you plenty of sunshine, taking care that it is Thursday morning and that the next day is waxing or waning moon.
Miss a few coins, who withdrew on Saturday and will be distributed in all the most common clothing pockets.

Wealth for a business in a simple way, can also be used as it is make a sachet of white cloth and tucked inside a head of peeled garlic and seven branches of parsley. It closes and is blessed with holy water.

At the same time we must pray an our father and a Hail Mary, and at the end it will say out loud: "I thank you for ridding me of evil and envy. Thank you very much to enforce my desires, with the energy of this amulet sprinkled with holy water. Protect my business from all evil and grant you prosperity".

Getting the love Finally is one of the aspirations most persecuted by man since ancient times.
A good amulet to do so is to put a needle sewing side by side, putting the tip of one on the second eye. The needles are wrapped with a sheet of a green plant and with red wool is tied. This wrap inside a red ball is then positioned and hangs around the neck, or the right wrist. You must take it especially when it is known that it will produce a match with the desired person.

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