Mapuche wisdom: how to get health and wellness?

Currently we call holistic integrative insight to solve physical problems, metals and spiritual that can affect us. However, these aborigines applied such knowledge from its origins. Know what it is and how to keep your balance.

The medicine of the Mapuche, aborigines who still live in the Patagonian area of South America, is essentially based on medicinal plants and ceremonies balancing with nature and the cosmos. This spiritual balance with mother earth, its origins and respect among its community members provided a wise vision to maintain their well-being.


Mapuche wisdom: how to get health and wellness?
Mapuches have turned their knowledge of healing in a holistic concept, i.e., when faced with a problem, first try to preserve and restore the balance broken with the nature and/or social coexistence guidelines. In addition, when someone in their community is sick, healers or elders more wise and experienced considered symptoms in all its dimensions — spiritual, mental and physical - which treatment is covered thoroughly.

But so that we can understand him, we should first consider the mapuche philosophical conception. This town is well aware that we are part of the Earth, and it is who gives us all their wealth and property, therefore, mapuche wisdom teaches that everything has strength and courage (newen-falintu) by what deserves respect from the people and is not owner or owner but one belongs and is used in a sense of functionality. And becoming "sons of Earth" - or nuke mapu - allows you to generate a vital balance from the will.


The mapuche culture developed a healing system to restore the balance of people in your community based on a set of knowledge and practices that integrate spirituality, emotions and thoughts.

The main healing roles are:

MACHI: It is the person responsible for natural healing, only authorized person to establish a direct bridge with creative spirits and protective spirits. It is a special human being who has direct communication with the protective spirits and non-ordinary realities. We could define it as a kind of Shaman, since it brings together all the knowledge of the ancestors and is who is trained to carry out the "diagnostic".

LAWENCHE: Also called meica or hierbatero, it is the person who has gifts to know the properties of the healing herbs and natural remedies. You know what plants and the appropriate times to make ointments, creams, herbal teas, filters, etc. and thus heal the physical discomforts, this population may have.

Ngutamchefe: Person responsible for composing them when they have suffered breaks or changes in position and knowing the form, functions and position of the bones.

PUNENELCHEFE: It is the person who deals with the issues of maternity and childbirth.


The core aspects of the mapuche worldview associated with disease and healing should be considered from the concepts of balance or imbalance of energies. Affects the mapuche everything that occurs in nature and is very aware of this. If someone breaks the balance to transgress his laws he suffers the consequences of the imbalance that has caused and affected by the disease, known as kutran.

Another mapuche word that refers to all the negative and unknown which exists and which can cause kutran or disease is: wekufe or wekufu. The ways to eliminate the wekufu are only carried out by machi, since it has the necessary requirements to be able to face and fight against negative energies. This figure uses a complex ritual to counter them with the help of positive spirits, and thus restores the balance between powers, managing to turn evil and return the good performance to the person.


 Meets the main healer role who is the Machi, since with their ceremonies and healing it does not attack the symptom but the cause of the disease, requires much energy and force that the spirit that unbalanced the person is free. This is the remedy and the exact procedure to restore the well-being of the patient.

When a mapuche needs to restore balance and lost harmony, it should resort to this wise, who intercedes before the creative spirits. The role of machi is culturally constituted as facilitator of the ancestral spirits, disease fighters and forces of evil, connoisseur of sacred codes and standards that are responsible for the welfare of the community and great connoisseur of herbs and remedies. It also gives great importance to dreams and acts as priest in nguillatun collective ceremonies (see box).


The Nguillatun - also called Camaruco or Kamarikun - is the mapuche ceremony par excellence. During three days and nights, participants dance, sing, paint body and pray grand father or Nguenechén - the owner of men - by crops, animals and fertility and welfare in general. Held once a year in an open, circular and sacred space.

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