Opening roads with herbs


If you have bad luck with money use to this magical plant that will help you modify your bad luck.

Known among the guarani of South America people as an Acheté grass, i.e., "talismanic", its use in natural medicine and magic is very widespread.

We are talking about the "contrahierba" or "herb". Its scientific name is dorstensia brasiliensis, although also it is called the "worms killer" since mixed with salt the aborigines used it to infected wounds.

This sacred plant has great healing or spiritual qualities so shamans and healers used it in various ways against diseases, as well as to counter possible "curses".

On the other hand, used in magic to love, to Master wills and moorings of different types do. It is in itself a mythical and powerful, herb with which others can be mixed to load it with specific powers.

On this note, the proposal is to learn how to use it to reject poverty and open roads of wealth in money issues.


Opening of roads with herbsObjective:
Cancel all debts, prevent to pay us that we should or return us something borrowed.

Write on a piece of paper, the amount of debt that has and sprinkle it with drops of vinegar (this is the best vaporizer).

Allow to dry in the Sun and cut into small pieces, saying: "in peaces all become, to reduce my debt to zero".

Then get 50g of dry herb, mix it with a teaspoon of dragon's blood, a pinch of pepper and bits of confetti. Put it all in a container outdoors during a waning moon night.

The next day, defume your house, business or office for three days, throwing this mixture over vegetable coals.

Explore all the corners, stop for a moment where you keep the money and, where the outflows occur, i.e. the Silver box girl who moves into the home. On these key points, say walking in a circle: "gods of fortune, have the good judgment to manage my property canceled in the immediate relatives and mandates".

Then, ventilate the area.


Ward off poverty, put an end to the mismanagement and the chronic shortage of resources; overcome sudden losses; go bad sales, failures or accidents.

According to the original formula of this recipe, the root of the herb should marinate first; But if this is not possible, proceed as follows: set in two parts of water and one of white wine, 50 g of the plant (no matter which party or presentation get, somebody will serve).

Add the garlic cloves and peppercorns. Leave in bottle or glass bottle closed, in a dry place for three days.

Then, filter and throw the solid remains a portion of near Earth, digging and covering the hole with Earth mixed with salt.

Place the liquid in a spray, clean baseboards and door frames and windows with this preparation, and spray under your bed, table and Chair. To do this task of cleaning the House, say so:

"Out sadness, good-bye poverty, come into my house money and riches".


Call money, promote opportunities to generate wealth and prosperity; streamline projects, improve performance in studies, have luck on an interview etc.

Cut two squares of golden fabric about 6 × 6 cm, approximately. With violet wire edge on one side the sign pesos and, on the other hand, the "keyword". One, then by the edges, facing setbacks, and finally, a thing with violet wire, leaving an opening on one side.

Then place in bag herb mixed with grated and previously dried lemon shells.

Add to all this, a rattlesnake and a golden coin. Close the opening and sew him a Purple Ribbon the talisman power hanging in the neck. To activate your energy, shake it saying: "open up prosperity, active the universal key." "Worm killer is the key to money and fortune".

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Here ends this article on opening roads with the herbs. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic spells for love and money spells.

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