Rituals with candles to soften rough people

Many times the in-laws can get in uncomfortable places or us annoying tensions. We then show you some secrets that are used to help smooth out the relationship that has, in this case, with her mother-in-law.

Ritual to end the malicious comments


  • 2 white candles
  • 1 container filled with Earth
  • 1 jar with water

Rituals with candles to soften rough peopleDuring a night of the waning Moon, place candles knots in the container with soil, until they are safe. They must be aligned. Turn on two sails from a same fire. Take the jug with water and pour slowly over the Earth until it is damp. Meanwhile, read as follows: now the fire protect me. Who speak ill of me, will find strength and everything you say will be against.

When you have finished pouring the water on the Earth, turn off the sails of a strong wind. Throw the Earth and the leftovers of the candles to a watercourse.

Ritual to strengthen the affection between two peoples

Schedule the date of his birthday. That day, as soon as the sun rises, must have a rose in his hand and recite the following: "at the dawn of this day that the smile falls upon..." (dirá el nombre de su suegra) and never will be ". Then, on that same day, give the rose as a reason for his birthday.

The results will be very soon.

Ritual to change negative mothers-in-law


  • A pink garment
  • A white tablecloth
  • A pair of scissors
  • A candle
  • A stick of incense of roses
  • A Ribbon of pink fabric
  • A white rose

Wearing pink clothing and, in a table, place the scissors and white tablecloth, candle and a pink ribbon.

Turn the rod of incense of roses and concentrate. Offer to the goddess of love, i.e. to Venus, the white rose as a sign of genuine affection for her mother-in-law and ask him to help you to remove the bones of that flower, representing the problems and complications with her.

With scissors will cut thorns while, aloud, says:

"By the power of the goddess of love,
I declare outside the earthworm and the negative criticism".

Then, you need to list, by each Thorn, the other problems you had with her as, for example, the envy, the coldness, etc.

At the end, the rose without thorns you tie a ribbon of pink fabric. Once you have done this, approaching the sea or a river and throw it to the stream. If this is not possible, you can deposit it in a pond or source close to your home.

Ritual to protect themselves from the words

To take care of his sayings, you can mentally draw a Pentagram or crossing your arms or ankles while talking with her.

Another option to clear the bad vibes that sends you is make noise with the keys or ring the bell of a rattlesnake.

Here ends this article on rituals with candles to soften rough people. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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