The powers of the rue


Rue is the best talisman to attract health and luck. This plant has remarkable powers to move the bad vibes and attract prosperity.

Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Hebrews and Chaldeans, claimed that ruda plant was a gift from the gods. The Celts used the ruda against spells and evil works. In Greece, Hippocrates recommended it to relieve pain and to combat epidemics; the Romans had the belief of this plant to preserving them from contamination and the evil eye. In short, when things were not going well, rue transforming negative energy into positive.

The powers of the rueYou can use a fresh branch of rue to consecrate the blessings and healings. Used in the altar oil bless, purifies, cleans, enshrined, protects, making exorcism away evil spirits and negative energy. Among its properties: this plant creates inspiration and wisdom; protects in general; preserves of accidents, psychic attacks, envy and creates an aura protective around who owns it.

Carry rue around the neck helps the recovery of diseases and also helps to scare off future health problems. Sharpen vision, purified and used for healing spells. Also the negativity away and breaks the evil eye.

Many times it is said no to worry when the rue plant begins to wilt, since this means that it is doing its job and simply indicates that it is time to seek a new.

How to attract health and money with rude

Simply burn a charcoal incense a little dry ground, in the desired location or by all the House, for nine consecutive days. This incense is also an excellent disinfectant, highly recommended in cases of epidemic or infectious diseases.

This ceremony is ideal for no money missing in the whole year. You will need to remove the ends of the stems of rue all possible segments and wrap it in a plastic bag which must be tightly capped. Then, you must make a sachet of Brown fabric and save it Rue. It will always take this bag in your purse or wallet.
Attract prosperity

The ritual must be done one day Tuesday, as far as possible, until fall Sun.

1 sprig of male rue
1 glass of water
7 golden coins
1 Bowl with flour
7 coffee beans

Place the flour in the bowl and bury 7 coffee beans in it. Separately, place the coins and the sprig of male rue in the glass of water. Every week, change the water and Rue; only coins will be left in the beaker. In terms of flour, once completed the month, remove coffee beans, put in a sachet of yellow fabric and place in the portfolio of the person who brings the main sustenance to the House.

Here ends this article about the powers of Rue. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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