Top 10 spells and rituals to attract love

Practices and simple procedures with elements of high magical significance can make you move and attract into your life the vibrational forces of love.

We know that in matters of love there is no existing magic that achieved that we can have the domain of the feelings of others. However, there are certain rituals that we can do to end our mental and emotional energy to unite in a single purpose and achieve little by little do get the love we want so much to our lives.

Top 10 hechizos y rituales para atraer el amor
There are few things in the world more exciting for the human being as Affairs of love. Who is in love knows this. But is it possible to use the magical rituals and spells of love to make this maximum happiness? Perfection does not exist and therefore the love of such features becomes a utopia. Therefore it is only in our wish and mobilize our energies if we are lacking in love, we are not reciprocated, or want to achieve the better understanding with our partners, for example.

Note which of all these short, simple methods you can carry out according to your desire and remember that the possibility of attracting love depends above all on the willingness that you put this.


Materials needed: a mint leaf, a pink candle and a red candle and a green candle. The pink candle, much as the Green, is associated with the color of the heart and emotions. Red candle symbolizes vitality, passion, the joy of life. The Mint has the esoteric property of calling good luck in love.

Form a triangle (symbolizes the integration, union of forces) with candles, so that red candle is going up, the pink on the right and the green to the left. You must do so one day Friday be associated with Venus, ruler of love.

Procedure: when lying down, place the sheet of mint into his mouth, chewing it while you think about the person who interests you, then eat it and turn off the sails in the same order that ignited them.


Materials needed: one sachet of herbs (which prefer), a red candle, a bottle of oil of roses, a red heart of the paper, a bottle of oil of rose and flowers, alcohol.

Procedure: first in a bowl mix the herbs, then take the candle and season with oil of roses on the outside, turn it on. Take the red heart and write in your name, imagine that it is your heart, which is safe, happy, peaceful, full of love and passion for the beloved, think about this for 5 minutes. Finally, place two or three drops of oil of roses and flowers on the paper, then put the paper in the bowl with the herbs, put a few drops of alcohol and burn it.


Materials needed: a white candle, an orange candle and a red candle, a Crown of roses, orange blossom water, an amethyst or turquoise and powdered cinnamon.

Procedure: to make this love spell you should place a white candle in the Center, an orange candle on the left and a red on the right. Surround these candles with a Crown of roses or a circle of petals spotted with orange blossom water. Put an amethyst or a turquoise front of him and spread cinnamon powder over it. The best time to make this love spell is on full moon nights. The more focuses and believes that you will find love, the more effective this white magic love spell will be.


Read this sentence and follow what it says. Think of the person you want to be and say their name 3 times. Also, think in what you want to that happens to this person in the next week and repeat it 6 times. Think of what you want with that person and say it once.

Pray: "ray of light I invoke you, so you -name of the person- come from where you are and unmake nodes of all that is preventing that - your name - come to me. Aside all obstacles so call me and love me. Thank you for your mysterious power that always complies with what is asked".


Materials needed: seven auto combustibles charcoals, a handful of myrrh, a handful of citrine sandalwood, a handful of bitter orange, a handful of tea in strands and a clay pot.

Procedure: to perform this spell of love, should go burn a charcoal every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, in a moment in which he is at home with her partner. The rest of the ingredients should mix them evenly and will make seven piles. Every night before dinner, and during seven days, burning one of the piles on the charcoal that, previously, there will be deposited in the casserole dish terracotta. The aroma that comes off this mixture will flood your home, will wrap you and your love, and facilitate spiritual union and the achievement of a State of harmony and conjugal.

He is recommended to perform this spell of love once a month, to begin to see the results in the couple and enjoy a relationship full of love and peace.


Material needed: a used garment of the beloved.

Procedure: this call of love is very simple and very effective. You should get a piece of clothing of the person that you are interested in (must be used). You will use it to sleep for a week. On completion of this period, you must put your perfume and return it, without which this person note the difference. If the returned garment is in contact with your skin for more than one minute, will have managed to succeed with this order of love: you can captivate your heart and you will feel his love before what you imagine.


Materials needed: a flowering plant, a pot, land, a photo of yourself and another partner, a white paper, and a pen.

Procedure: to perform this spell of love, buy a small plant that has beautiful flowers and places them in a pot. Then look for a photo of yourself and another partner, wrap them in a white paper in which they have previously written "Ad infinitum" and bury them in the pot. Place the plant in a special place of the House, view of the world. If you want your love to grow and be strengthened, will have to water, care for and pamper the plant in a very special way that will attract the white magic of love. Would be even more effective this love spell if you manage to your partner also water it and take care of it from time to time.


Materials needed: a cup of almond oil, 5 drops of oil of musk, five leaves of willow, five Apple seeds (must belong to the same block) and an orange stick or a wooden spoon.

Procedure: to perform this spell of love, mix in a glass bowl or glass with musk almond oil and stir everything with an orange stick or a wooden spoon. Then, add the leaves of willow and crushed Apple seeds. Stand preparation outdoors during a night of full moon. The next day, strain the preparation and place it in a jar with a lid. You should use it only as your perfume and only when you are with your beloved. You must save this oil of love in a secret hideout and never you can lend it to anyone, if not, this love spell will lose all his power.


Materials needed: a Red Apple ripe, red or green paper, pencil or pen, honey, a little cinnamon, a magnet and a Ribbon or lace red or green.

Procedure: to perform this spell of love, take the Apple and cut it in half: remove the heart first and leave a hole. Type the name of the person loved the paper, and then put it in the hole of the Apple. Cover everything with honey and a bit of cinnamon and cover it with a piece of magnet. Then put the other half of the Apple up and tie it with a string or Ribbon of red or green. Once you are done, put the Apple in the freezer. When the person able to fill your life with love, you should bury the Apple into a garden where he has been very happy and felt the beauty of love.


Materials needed: ten-Petal Pink, whether red or white and half a liter of mineral water without gas.

Procedure: to perform this spell of love, bring to a boil the 10 petals in half liter mineral water without gas until it attains a certain color. In the evening, after bathing, spill all the preparation on her body, from the neck down, concentrating on their desire to find a new love and soak in the white magic of love. Repeat this spell of love for five days, beginning on a night of full moon.


Lunar pod

Get a small piece of cypress wood which should tie a Ribbon of red silk, where previously written his name and that of your partner. Then the wood allowed a night of full moon covered with powder incense and petals of flowers, in a white cloth bag. The next day the wood is taken and is placed under the mattress of the matrimonial bed. After six months, you must repeat the procedure with a new piece of wood.

Charms with beads

This amulet increases the sexual attraction of the couple. Therefore you must make a bag of red silk, and within it, a handful of grains of black pepper, a bay leaf and a cotton that smell with water of roses, three drops of her perfume and three drops of the scent of your partner should be placed. Save the sachet in a little box of wood that must be placed inside the drawer where is your underwear.

Laurel's passion

This magical rite will help enliven the passion making it more and more ardent. Eight coal stones and fifteen dried Bay leaves are placed in a clay pot. At midnight, light the coals and say aloud: "that desire and pleasure stay in this union and increasingly higher attraction that us".

If you notice that there is more smoke than fire in the vessel, it is necessary to repeat the ritual twice or three times a month to strengthen the relationship and make it more intense. However if more fire that smoke can be seen in the container, erotic compatibility with loved will be unbeatable.

Here ends this article on Top 10 spells and rituals to attract love, hope that it is useful and you can take that best suits your need.

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