Turn your obstacles into opportunities

Watch the half full glass, or the half empty glass: that is the question. The best slogan of these times difficult, fraught with problems, stress and concerns, does not want to disappear, but know to handle them. Better still, transform, reverse them, try to lose its most negative side and find them a new edge to learn, acquire new experiences and, above all, obtain benefits. They say that ends «come together», and if this is so, then can be the most damaging part of a barrier is, in truth, the beginning of a favourable process.

In this article, we will give you many ideas to convert the more various inconveniences of everyday life - which, of course, have annoying consequences and even serious - in promises, early, and options that can be very positive for the future.


Case 1: Lack of knowledge

Turn your obstacles into opportunitiesIn what it shows: has to comply with some task - a procedure, an arrangement at home - that never made and it does not know how to carry out.

What is the theme: «what you don't know, just learn it».

Council of psycho-transformation: take this annoying circumstance and, apparently, is unfavorable, as a growth opportunity. I may not have interested in learn these issues now badly needed. Take advantage of the situation to learn more about what to do, develop it from the beginning to the end, and don't get discouraged, because their lack of knowledge, in fact, does not represent any obstacle: is a start.

Magic formula: 'adopted' a stone as their talisman. Load it with positive energy, leave it under the direct light of the Sun for one week, from Saturday to Saturday, and try entering your home at night. After 7 days energy, store it in a sachet of tulle, and always carry it in your pocket or purse.

Case 2: Unnecessary delays

In what it shows: the outcome of certain procedures, job search, relationships or family, etc., you expect to be able to act. These situations, which range in time and do not allow you to make decisions, constitute obstacles to anticipate and prevent.

What is the slogan: «We must become favorable personal time others delay».

Psycho-transformation advice: do not wait passively resolutions both waiting. Spend that time, that can't decide, to better prepare its position to that which awaits. For example, if you're impatient for the definition of a new job for which you presented, take advantage of the days of grey to look for other work options or to investigate more on the task for which ran, because in a second interview, knowledge about the offered function can be decisive.

Magic recipe: accompany your waiting with a ritual that takes place in several days. Fill a glass of clear glass with mineral water, and dip a raw egg there. Leave it for 9 days, or until the day that becomes aware of the outcome expected; remove the egg, take it to a five corners junction, at night, and leave it there.

Case 3: An acquaintance who speaks badly of you, without foundation.

In what it shows: learns of malicious comments on his person. It found that the author of those rumors is someone who belongs to your environment. You don't know how to reverse this bad image you are creating it.

What is the theme: «barking, Sancho: signal that we ride», the famous phrase of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Council of psycho-transformation: not bother refuting comments made with malice, whether it lies. Consider that that person has no alternative but to interfere in the private lives of others, and give to understand your environment that you should think the same. In this way, you can assert their personality and show people that surround it to possess a strong and defined character that will not be fold by any subject with bad intentions. Certainly people will try it another way when is account of his attitude.

Magic recipe: remove the petals to a red Carnation, and place them in a small glass jar. Fill the bottle with baby oil, cover well and leave the preparation will macerate in a cool, dark place. Every day you must shake bottle to oil mix well with the petals. After 10 days, strain the oil and store it in a bottle of opaque glass. Pour a few drops of this preparation in the door of his house and rooms, as well as it should sweeten his forearms with a drop. Also in the car or in your place of work, if you have one of these spaces. This potion of protection will keep you safe from gossip.

Case 4: goes through a period of bad luck that hurts your objectives

In what it shows: in many things, and, mainly, that you realize that does not have the same energy always to realize their plans. It could be a combination of obstacles, of a set of problems that interfere with their most treasured goals, only it does not know why are these pitfalls and does not know when it will end.

What is the slogan: "Must bet to success, and not to luck".

Council of psycho-transformation: as says the slogan, when misfortune lurks, you must work hard to reduce the chances that that bad luck comes into road. Prevent consequences, well think each step, concerned with persons of their trust and, above all, trust your own intelligence to achieve what you want. Become a master of your destiny.

Magic recipe: this particular obstacle, should capture the positive energy that will allow to overcome the unfavorable cosmic stage. Renew the climate of his home, and his own aura, lighting a candle each day, of a specific color.

This is the list:
Sunday: Orange
Monday: white
Tuesday: Red
Wednesday: yellow
Thursday: Lila
Friday: pink
Saturday: Green

An old and powerful amulet

Any obstacle which appears can be taken as a sign of bad luck. For that reason, to protect and improve the close future, have on hand a motif or said representing a beetle: this esoteric figure provides strength to overcome difficulties, and should be kept in contact with the skin to ensure strong and long-lasting effects.

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