African magic: Ceremonies in honor of the goddess Iemanja

African rituals for protection, fertility, and family life

The most powerful female orixa of the African Cosmology is Iemanja, the goddess of the waters, who is involved in the most important processes of the life of men. Using his characteristic element, water, it is possible to convene it and ask you for help in the crucial stages of our projects.

In the heart of all the storms, both truth and life, appears Iemanjá in the helmsman. This African goddess, mother of all the orixas that make up his legion, is the primary protection of all those who risk to an adventure. While overlap imposed by conquest did that this deity had to hide behind the figure of the Virgin Stella Maris, his supernatural power is still intact. It is governed in family harmony, fertility, at home and at crossings by the waters of the world. Therefore, both those who want to care for or assemble your family, such as fishermen and sailors, respected it and requested their support. Due to their protective and balancing qualities of relationships between human beings, even in moments of crisis, take it into account in difficult times will be a great way to keep away the sorrows. Therefore in this note you will know the main rituals and offerings that encourage communication with this magical African figure.

Female mother orixa spells

African magic: Ceremonies in honor of the goddess Iemanja 1 order: fertility

Necessary elements: 1 blue tablecloth, 2 pale blue candles, matches, honey, 1 tray of silvery metal (of stainless steel, silver, alpaca, etc.), 1 pot of corn flour soaked with salt water, 1 shell or sea snail, 1 small square of paper blue, 1 pen, 1 fresh white flower, and 2 ribbons: a rose and the other blue.

Elaboration: Crescent overnight, spread the tablecloth on a table or on the floor. Spread the sails with honey, from below upward, turn them and place them in the tray, which should be placed in the center of the mantel. On the same tray, arrange the soaked flour pot and writing, on its surface and with a match, his name (or who want to be a mother) and Iemanjá. Tape this inscription with the shell or sea snail. Pass the paper blue above the flame of candles, while they rub it. Then, write your order of fertility goddess and fold the paper as much as possible. Wrap the two straps and rub with honey. Place it inside the shell or sea snail and cover with white flower. Let the candles are used up, and when this happens, take tablecloth for your ends, and putting together a bun, locate all the elements of the ritual under your bed or who want to be a mother.

2 order: protection

Necessary elements: fresh flowers, popcorn (pororo) with honey, pearls, jewelry, combs, perfumes, etc. You can choose several of these things to your liking.

Elaboration: the 2nd of February, day of Iemanja, assemble a basket with all the things that you want to give the goddess - in the list of suggested elements - and come to a place where there is a course of water (River, Lake, sea, etc.). Say hello to Iemanjá as you wish, tell him what you want to ask, and put its offering on the shore. Little by little, water will be dragging your gift toward the Center, where the orixa awaits. Believed that if water waves are soon carried his offering, is that the goddess heard her order and reality will do. If you can not reach a course of water, you can make your offering to Iemanja and symbolically place it in a large bowl with water, as a way to remember and praise to this female deity.

3 vitality and prosperity

Necessary elements: a group of women from family or friends, and many containers with water.

Elaboration: this is a ritual group and happy, so it will be necessary to meet with women who also believe Iemanjá or who want to know his legend. On 2 February, preferably - although it may be another day that is important to you-, have to settle in round, with a bowl of water each. Round Robin, each of the women must pass to the center of the circle and the others must sprinkle water wishing you vitality, fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. When all have already passed through the Centre, the ideal is to begin throwing water with each other, to benefit from this general fun and joy of this ritual game.

How to make an offering Iemanjá

Gifts to Iemanjá can be provided to the orixa at any time of the year, not only the February 2. This African goddess has certain elements that are characteristic to him and who likes very much; for this reason, if you want to honor it and ask for their help, are put in a wicker basket some of these elements:

• Mirrors
• Combs
• Crowns
• White or blue feathers
• Figures of anchors, oars or rudders.
• Star of sea shells and sea snails.
• Celestial candles.
• Honey.
• Blue or white flowers.
• Bijouterie.
• Perfumes.
• Fruit (especially watermelon).

Here ends this article about African magic: ceremonies in honor of the goddess Iemanja. I hope that it is useful and that you continue reading this site in search of more secrets of magic and wizardry.

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