Ancient Grimoires, authentic witchcraft books

One of frequently asked questions that received in my office and that newbies keep coming back, what is a Grimoire?

Well, let's first define it: a Grimoire is an ancient text, usually handwritten, used in high magic and Artes Negras conjure celestial, demonic, Olympic and angelic beings. They give the wizard bases and signs of each deity, the form in which they appear and how to submit his will. Some of them are authentic magic systems, other, collections of earlier books. Many grimoires are translations of ancient Egyptian or Greek books, or interpretations of old spells that have gone from mouth in mouth among magicians for centuries, and some prominent Witcher decided to order and compose in a text written for knowledge of future generations.

Ancient Grimoires, authentic witchcraft booksThese texts can, in some cases, be purchased by Ebay or free market. In other cases, it is almost impossible to get them.

Luckily, there are now electronic editions as the offering inall courses . Some of these books are very confusing for newbies in the magical arts, but for the experienced Wizard are an invaluable aid.

Here is a list of the Grimories:

* The Grand grimoire of San Cipriano
* Enchiridion of Pope Leo III (year 813)
* Salomomn's Key (year 900 aprox.)
* Lemegeton or key less than King Solomon (year 900 AP.)
* Picatrix, of Maslama ibn Ahma at Al - Magritit, (year 1007)
* The Heptaméron, of Peter of Abano, (year 1300 aprox.)
* The Grand Grimoire (year 1522)
* The Grand grimoire of Pope Honorius (year 1760)
* Golden Grimoire Down
Art attract spirits, Trithemius
* The grimoire of Armadel
* Sixth and seventh book of Moses
* Aesh Mezareph purifying fire
* Ritual to the visible appearance
* The Kybalion
* The Necronomicon

I hope that this information has been useful


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