Aztec ritual: blood sacrifices

Aztec rituals. Despite all the great achievements of Aztec Empire, people often remember this civilization by their numerous rituals and sacrifices. Today we will learn a little about Aztec rituals, how they were and why they were made.

Aztec rituals

Ancient Aztec religion was based mainly on lathe to please their gods and earn rewards in Exchange for these rituals. Aztec people believed that in order to maintain the proper functioning of the universe, they needed to offer human blood to the gods. They believed that the Sun would not rise each day without the offering of blood. The main way in which did this was through an ancient ritual of human sacrifice, where an individual was carried to the top of a temple and put back on a stone by four priests. A fifth priest then took a ceremonial knife, Flint stone and opened the abdomen of the subject, through its exposed diaphragm. The priest then took the heart and removed it from the body, still beating, to place it in a container in the hands of a statue of the God honored. The body would be then thrown down the stairs of the temple, landing at the base of the pyramid. While this ritual was carried out, the audience at the ceremony was drilled and bleed themselves as a means of self-sacrifice, thus achieved a greater worship of the gods in question.

Aztec ritual: blood sacrificesAztecs were one of the first civilizations to organize this type of blood rituals, that's why their sense of life is seen as a belief system rather primitive and extreme.

Another important aspect of Aztec rituals was the personification of the deities. Priests or otherwise specially elected individuals were dresses to represent a specific deity. A person holding the office of honor was passing by a God, called ixiptlatli and was considered as a physical representation of God until the inevitable end when the human version of God should be exterminated as a last sacrifice of the festivities.

Other sacrifices in the Aztec rituals

Although the human sacrifice is the most remembered today, in reality there were many types of sacrifices among the Aztec rituals. The people believed that they had a blood debt with the gods. They wanted to avoid the disaster by payment of the debt without end. The blood was a common theme, the sacrifice that the gods required.

Therefore, the animals were sacrificed, as well as human beings. In addition, there were all kinds of rituals of bloodshed, where people cut themselves to offer their blood to the gods.
Human sacrifice was practiced to some extent by many peoples of Mesoamerica (and for that matter, around the world) for many centuries. But it was Aztec empire that actually led the ritual to new heights. Many people were slaughtered by the Aztecs? We do not know how many were sacrificed in recent years - it is possible that some accounts are exaggerated - but were probably thousands of people each year - tens of thousands or even more. Aztecs had 18 months in a cycle, and by each of the 18 months had a ritual of sacrifice. Some estimates claim that 20,000 people a year were slaughtered in these Aztec rituals.

Bodies were removed in different ways, sometimes were feeding the animals, sometimes put on display (heads). There are some stories of cannibalism, but it is uncertain whether this was practiced on a regular basis.

There were other ways in which humans were killed - shot with arrows, drowned, burned, or mutilated. Deaths during a fight (as Roman Gladiators) was also common.

Both of the Empire and its enemies were slaughtered. The warriors were often involved in a special ritual war known as flower war (or war flower). The object was not to gain territory or killing the enemy, but capturing them as food for the gods. Both sides of the battle are required to fight, and usually the warriors were willing to participate. People were captured but not killed them is immediately, but that he sacrificed them later.

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