Full moon spell to be a leader

Today we will see a very effective full moon spell to be a leader. It is a very effective spell when it comes to leading a group or a team to victory.

Prepare your own spell to attract towards you all the features you have to have a good leader.

The moon has always been a favorite of magic, because it relates to fertility and hence, everything that was created, is started. In addition, it is a symbol of emotional persuasive charm that manages to subjugate to the more reluctant. That's why this potion of power and leadership needed from the influence of the full moon in order to be effective. But the Sun, Star King, also has a role in this preparation, so "mother essence" is carried out correctly, it is of utmost importance that the stones used in the altar are charged with solar energy.
Full moon spell to be a leader
If you follow the steps and concentrated his will in the objective, you will achieve increase his personal power and achieve greater influence over the people. Remember that you will always have to do with respect for the other and acting in the most balanced and fair way.

To do this spell to be a leader, get:
2 clean and an amethyst and citrine quartz gems.
1 Heliotrope incense (myrrh and incense on the charcoal burn if I don't get it).
1 glass of mineral water.
1 clean and transparent glass bowl.
Half a glass of cognac.
1 filter paper, which is used to coffee machines.
2 small sterilized bottles with dropper (available at pharmacies).


The first step is to clean the stones; to do this you must place them under the tap water for a few seconds. Then, expose them to the Sun to charge power during the morning and remove them in the afternoon, during the sunset.


A night of full moon, in a place that might be quiet, assemble a small altar. Place the two stones light the incense. This prayer focused on your goal, then, repeat three times:

"Name is celestial light, heavenly love-call, call the heavenly power, so that it reaches me the influence of this full moon and give me the necessary forces to be a great natural leader. I ask my Lord that lead me to have wisdom and be correct, and thus, get the respect of my peers without falling into pride."

At midnight, when the light of the full moon is high in the sky, place the mineral water in glass bowl. Leave it there until before the sun rises, remember that it is very important that when you remove the water it is even at night.

Then take the paper filter and filter water, placing the liquid in one of the bottles sterilized (with dropper will be easier). Add a 30% of the total of the bottle of cognac content, since it acts as a preservative.

Once completed all the steps, you will have obtained original essence or "mother".

Finally, it should be diluted the essence mother in a bottle with dropper. There will be 4 drops of the essence and will add 20 drops of cognac. The BREW is to be effective, it is essential to drink it in a stipulated manner: from 4 to 6 times a day, 4 to 6 drops each time, for a week.

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With this, we finished the full moon spell to be a leader. You can continue reading my site to find more money spells.

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