Garlic against evil, how to use garlic in magic spells and rituals

Garlic (Allium Sativum) has been used since ancient times as a talisman against evil in all kind of magic spells. Ancient Egyptians believed in spirits which killed children while they slept snatching them breath and most widely used protection against these murderous monsters was a string of garlic.
Garlic against evil, how to use garlic in magic spells and ritualsThe use of garlic is known around the world, and not only for the taste but also for their magical powers. Even in places like China or Malaysia, people rubbed garlic on the hands of their children to protect them from the vampires. In the East of India, garlic is used as protection against spells and courses.

Use of garlic against evil in antiquity

In ancient Rome, garlic was an extremely important weapon fighting without truce against spirits. Romans used to eat garlic every day to protect themselves from evil, and that's one of the reasons why of spread rapidly throughout the Empire. It was also common that windows, doors, and up to the gates of the farms were rubbed with garlic. They firmly believed that evil spirits feel a great fear for the garlic. When a person died, it was common to insert cloves of garlic into the mouth of the dead to prevent evil spirits come into the body and return it a zombie. Another common funeral rite among the Romans was to rub the body, especially the feet, a mixture made of incense, oil, and garlic.
In some cultures, the possessed are exorcized with a necklace of garlic that are forced to load until they are cured.

Currently, medical studies say that eating a garlic pill every night produces an increase in the body's defenses and lower cholesterol. Garlic is also antiseptic and fungicide.
How to use garlic in witchcraft?

As regards the magic, garlic is indispensable for all ally spells related to the protection and the removal of evil. The garlic in a House that is getting bad vibes must not miss, and if they have a trade and it is filled with hate or misunderstanding, garlic is an effective talisman to correct these problems.

I hope you put into practice what I tell you since garlic is a great ally fighting against evil. In my place I had always hung a string of garlic and never went evil to it, always kept me immune to these problems. Now that I no longer have age to care for my patients, I choose this Blog to convey my magical knowledge and hope that many of my readers to understand and transmit these tips, and not lose sight that you always learn something good.

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