How to bewitch a man

How to bewitch a man. In the rituals of love making with photos, there is a very good one that helps the person making it to channel his energy in the photograph of her lover so that it begins to wake a series of feelings and affection for the person that has the picture of their energy.

Channel or magnetize this photo with your energy, you will fall in love with this man, but so you have better effects spell, must exist or have existed any link between the two people.

In the same way the spell is to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary that the performer has available and a feeling of pure love.

If the interest that the person is not the love and grow a beautiful relationship will not work the spell, should always be done with the heart.

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How to bewitch a man

How to bewitch a manThings you will need:
  • Photo of the lover
  • A photo of yourself
  • White paper
  • A stick of incense
  • Needle and thread blue
This ritual focuses mainly on the picture of your beloved, that you may want to use a picture where only East, if there are other people apart from your beloved can drop the influence these people also or directly does not work.
This picture will become a channel for our energy, which we acumularemos in the photo so you dare photography do you get our desires and thus able to bewitch him.

You will have to write your name in the paper and under that name the name of the lover, is recommended to do a triangle of Red surrounding both names, thus enhancing the spell.
You must flip the blade and is written this incantation:

"Life has given me the opportunity to meet you, fate has allowed me to be on your side, now the destination is going to join and with this spell you will have at the end".

On the ground or on the site where you're working you'll stop the photo of the man face up, you put on the paper but with the names down and photo yours put the spell, i.e. downward-facing.

We are going to sew the edges of the two photos with the needle and the blue wire, the three elements that are two photos and the paper should be United by the thread and in that order. We will light the candle and incense and wait a moment until the flame begins to become strong.

We are going to let fall a drop of wax in the photo of the man and a drop of wax in the photograph of the woman, assuring us that this drop falls close to the heart of the person, doing that so they are also United by the candle wax.

If you live alone you will hang, or paste this at the entrance of your House, but you hit it in the back, you can also leave it on the door of your room, if you live with someone else what you can do is leave it under your pillow.

If you've stuck it in the back door and that man will visit you ensures that does not see this tie. Now know as bewitch a man now is the time to start.

Thus ends this article on How to bewitch a man.

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