How to make a love potion

Today we will see in this post how to make a love potion, for cases in which we wish to prepare a concoction that allows us to fall in love with the person you want.

Love potions are compounds of various magical components that offer properties of long-lasting emotional involvement on the people who employ them. Love potions are divided into various types, according to its type of action method. These types include potions of consumption and application, both of which are divided in turn into mutual, direct or deferred use love potions.

Love potions are used for millennia by the variety of cultures, especially those with a greater tradition and magical wisdom. The cultures that have made use of this type of potions include the Sumerians, Egyptians, the Babylonians, Persians, Chinese dynasties, Tamils from india, the mayas and the Celts.

The use of love potions in general does not rule out the use of other types of magical rituals as ties of love, or various spells of domination. Love potions can be part of these rituals, but in other cases can sometimes contradict with these and have unwanted effects. The most powerful love potions are used jointly and voluntarily by both members involved in the relationship. In these cases, the only way to break its effects is with spells of separation.

How to make love potions

How to make a love potionThe key of love potions most elements are jasmine, vanilla and rose. The use of these three elements can be traced back to thousands of years ago and is already present in the majority of traditions already described. Each of the elements offers different properties to the potion, but it is the combination of them offering the compelling effects of love potions.

Each of the various elements of the love potion has different meanings. The properties of each one of them are complex and depend on the item type, harvesting season and the lunar cycle of its use, among other factors. However, as a general view, its effects and properties can be summarized as follows:

Jasmine has a distinctive and intense smell can induce euphoria, both men and women. Jasmine symbolizes the male sexual organs, and is a key element in love potions for millennia. Jasmine is especially present in the magical and alchemical traditions of Arabic, Persian, Turkish world and South Asia.

The rose is one of the most universal symbols of love. The roses can be of a multitude of colors, for love potions are those of all preferred Roses to garnets. The shape of its flowers and softness of its petals represents the female sexual organs. Roses should be used in its fresh form, preferably freshly cut. The buds are used for some potions ready to flourish. In no case should be used dry or wilted roses.

With its intense smell vanilla, warm and penetrating represents the union between the sexes. They have been used for millennia in remedies to encourage the sexual appetite of lovers due to their relaxing and aphrodisiac properties. The vanilla is especially relevant in the magical traditions of the new world, as the of the Maya. There are different varieties of love potions, according to that combination of elements is used. Some add additional such as blueberry or Thistle components, but these are usually limited to cases such as potions to bring it back or domination.

Love potions can be used well by intake, usually in the form of infusion, or by the application, in the form of pasta. Here we show an example of preparation of each of them:

In the case of the infusion, they must take three fresh rose petals, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and three stamens of jasmine. It starts to boil and contents of two glass of water and once herb are added elements of the love potion. It is left to boil until half the water has evaporated (is approximately a cup of water). Finally removed from the fire and let cool.

If you want to use the ointment as a love potion, you must leave infusion reduced until only an ass of water. At that point they must add two tablespoons of shredded wheat flour and mix until a paste forms. The next item is the administrator, where there are three ways to apply to love potions:

Mutual: the love potion is administered to both people in the couple at the same time. This is the most effective way, especially if both members so aware of its effects. In other cases, you can offer as a normal infusion or give a massage with ointment, and wait for their effects.

Direct: the love potion is given only to the person who you want to fall in love with. This method is also effective, and is a viable alternative to the mutual method.

Deferred: in this chaos potion of love only is given to the person who prepares it. This is the least effective variety, but it may be sufficient in cases in which there is not much distance between reality and what it seeks to achieve.

Love potions should be done while maintaining respect for the elements used and to those entities wanting to intercede in their effectiveness. It is recommended to perform them in the privacy of the home, wearing you break clean and keeping our hands clean when we manipulemos food. The potion should not be rejected or spit, except that some of the elements appears to be in poor condition. Avoid making faces or expressions of displeasure in chaos that its flavor is too strong.

If done properly, the effect of the love potion is almost immediate, usually between five and thirty minutes. In the case of mutual intake of potion it is preferable that both people remain together during this time. If you want to start a relationship, is that period of time and that it is more appropriate, take that first step.

Here ends this post where we saw How to make a love potion. I hope to be useful and do not hesitate to inquire about magic for love and passion.

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