How to make love spells to get my ex back with me

How to make love spells to get my ex back with me?
Many relationships that carry many years just overnight, and the worst thing is that in many cases when the beloved goes, it does without saying why does it.

Happened to you or the same is happening you?
But not all relationships end as well, there are some in which our partner asks us time, telling us that things are no longer as before and the best for both is that they give a time to think about things.

We all know that happens when your partner asks you time, you know he or she maybe they will never be with you, is how painful that can be this and that's that we today will achieve that your partner with a spell of love return.

Love spells to get my ex back with me

It is good that you understand that things don't end that Yes, there is always something or someone who does things to finish, spells to fall in love with the intention of making it back is a good choice, but before going to the magic or witchcraft, it is good to see what happened and what's happening in the relationship.

How to make love spells to get my ex back with meDo you think that you leave your male or female? Do you think that he or she took that decision to leave?
Will it be that found in another person that you could not give him or does the relationship you had with him was no longer happy and instead became a boring and monotonous relation.
I don't get mad when I tell you this, but you think about the causes that led them to separate, what I tell you this? Simple, so will not go to make the same mistakes again.

You see, with the rituals of love we can make it back, do not you turn over, but you can not accomplish with the spells of love is that you loved, since a spell does not love but there it is.
But if he or she come back with me is because I love? Not necessarily, a spell is making spell a person to you, you must take care of create that love, as you can do it, still sweet and affectionate with that person, giving this madness and joy that no one else can give you.
If your partner comes back and again do the same that I separated them, can your beloved does not leave your side, but ended by hate you and will be so intense that hatred, that you thought that it is better that he leave, but it will be difficult for it to fence because you tie it to you.

I hope that you understood what I said and that you do not take my words into oblivion. Now we are going with the ritual.

What we will need?

  • Honey, if it is pure better.
  • A piece of parchment
  • A red candle
  • A red pen
  • Incense sandalwood or roses
  • Red wool or thread


The procedure is none other than the to the names on the parchment, then lock them in a red circle, both names are enclosed in the same red circle.
On the other side of the paper is put: "the eternal love that we promised, will become a reality and in less than 30 days you will return here"

3 drops of honey are removed and put in the interior of the circle, parchment is folded and is left as well.
The parchment is not easy to achieve in many countries, so instead of parchment you can use a sheet of paper.

It burned in incense and passed by the over paper, the aim of this is allow smoke to reach him to paper, now proceed to wrap the paper as a scroll and amarraremos it with the thread.

Proceed to turn the sail leaving the parchment in the middle of the candle and incense, then burns the paper with thread and his ashes are thrown to the wind of the night of full moon, candle is extracted a bit of wax that is melted and formed a ball, which should be keep and take with you for a week.

What if I don't want more people and desire to go? These spellss of love to get my ex back with me, can break with another spell, but for now I will not say as, since magic is not a game.

Here ends this article on How to make love spells to get my ex back with me, hope to be useful and that you can soon recover the lost love.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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  1. Hey i really need to perform this and i could not understand the procedure. Could i contact you? Or could you give a detailed explanation. Thankyou