Love Spells with paper and pencil

Would you like some spells of love with pen and paper? Today you will see some.
The only thing we need to run a powerful spell is our thinking, but if the energy of different objects we add to that thought can achieve that this ritual is even more powerful.

A paper and a pencil can make reality your desires, but these simple spells are run, apart from the pen and paper you will need your feelings.

A deep and sincere feeling of love, more strong emotion of seeing his desire made reality, is the key to the universe and nature will have you the door and you give your power to achieve what you want.

The only drawback that have these rituals is that despite being powerful they can be little effective, it can happen that the energy that holds a pen and a paper is not very powerful.

Love Spells with paper and pencilAnd at times the energy a person puts nor becomes it, either because it does with doubt or because it did by testing or just want to make that magic does not work.

I say this in a clear and honest way because I don't want that it excited you with these spells, from my own experience can tell you that they work, but I wouldn't recommend it, but you know each person's world and what to me I probably served you not.

But don't get discouraged, do it no matter which do at least try, do it with love and can you bring you a surprise.

Love Spells with paper and pencil

Spell #1: on any paper, preferably parchment paper, place the name of the person you love and your date of birth, at night saves well folded paper under your pillow and you say the name and the desire.

The name and the desire to say the number of years the person has for example if the man or the woman that you like are 20 years you tell or repeat 20 times, same applies to the number of days that must be done.

When they have finished the days it is taken off and burns.

Spell #2: every day for a month gets each morning the beloved name 7 times, and you put on yours also 7 times, on the template of the shoes that you are going to use that day you put the paper.

The next day you take the paper and you change it with a new one, you can bury the old. If the desire is met you before the month you leave it up to there, i.e. that do not return it to perform.

Spell #3: to bring back repentant nothing better than placing the person's full name and date of birth on paper parchment or butter, the paper should be placed within the intimate garment you're put.

Done for 41 days, the paper during that time is going to deteriorate, it is best to replace it every morning with a new one as we saw in the ritual 2, a photograph is much more effective that the paper, if you have to use it.

Here we finish these spells of love with paper and pencil, you can continue reading this site in search of more love rituals and spells of passion.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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