Miraculous prayers for love

Miraculous prayer for love. All of us have had problems in love, some have come to places of despair, when we do not know what to do to attract the love that we need, and feel that a miracle will be needed. In today's article we will see some miraculous Catholic prayers for love, i.e., words of faith and strength that reaching our ears, make us come in contact with God and hear his word with calm and security. Use these miraculous prayers to recover lost love or find a special person that complements your life.

Miracle prayers for love

Dear God,
Miraculous prayers for love
Please help me find my companion to of life as soon as possible. Lord, you know what is in my heart and know my preferences, but is your will to provide what is best for me.

No matter what obstacles might exist for the relationship with my partner, we will be strong to handle it, with love, trust, acceptance, faith and loyalty. We will learn to forgive and forget in any circumstance.

I am willing to offer my genuine love and he or she will do the same. Whoever, I will accept it completely.

Miraculous prayer to regain a love

Lord, please, hear my prayer request and help with the healing, renewal and restoration of the relationship with my former partner. He is the person I love, many things are said and he is wounded and stubborn and will not give our relationship a second chance. He loves me and I love him.

Please, Jude intercede for me with Jesus Christ and opens the heart of my ex-boyfriend to give us a chance and not lose more of our precious time here on Earth. I beg you to please you hear my petition in Jesus Christ.


Miraculous prayer for love

Lord, I come to you with so much courage and humility as I can. I ask that you touch and heal my heart. Touch the places that are hard to reach. The places where I can't make it. Cares for me Lord.
He directs and guides my path. I am guilty of trying to plan my own life. You hereby grant permission to show me the way. I will agree with everything, because I'll always appreciate what you have done and you'll make.

Here concludes this article on miraculous prayers for love. Continue browsing this website to discover more prayers for love, and free white magic recipes for love.

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