Prayer of protection against witchcraft

Prayer of protection against witchcraft. This is a prayer that is very powerful against witchcraft, if you do it during the fast becomes even more powerful. This prayer will keep away witches and Satanists forever. You can use it as protection against enemies, because this prayer basically repels evil energies, returning their evil who sends them. The prayer has been composed so that only a blessing and the path of Jesus can remove the curse once again your enemy. This would save them from hell and be saved from hell is a blessing.

Prayer of protection against witchcraft

Prayer of protection against witchcraft
In the name of Jesus, I welcome me to precious immortal blood of Jesus over me and my family and everything that belongs to us. I ask that the major warring angels are delivered from heaven to surround us and protect us. In your powerful deck of war I become, and destroyed the walls of protection around all the witches, Warlocks, sorcerers, Satanists, and similar, and break the power of all their curses, hexes, spells, amulets, fetishes, physical prayers, thoughts, all witchcraft, witchcraft, magic, Voodoo, all mind control, spells, potions, charms, death, destruction, disease, pain, torment, physical power, of physical warfare , prayer chains, and everything that crosses my path or the way of my family, and it all together with his demons, who sends them back. Now seven times stronger, and I pass by the blood of Jesus Christ!

Father, I ask that these lost souls will find the light of your son Jesus. Their own traps have been established against themselves. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I now release them all mental control of Satan. Father, I ask that you a their hearts to the Holy Spirit as a guide to your son Jesus. And so they can be freed from the bondage of Satan.
In the name of Jesus.


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Here ends this prayer of protection against witchcraft. Pray daily or as often as you can. Get others to pray with you, if possible. Print this and keep it nearby, to use as a reference. Add other parts if you want, so that it fits to your individual needs in prayer. For those who feel afflicted, you are not alone. Many people enter this site because they are having problems. Keep browsing to discover more prayers for love, for money or for work.

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Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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