Spell to make him ask you to be his girlfriend

Are you looking for a spell to make him ask you to be his girlfriend?
For some women it can be traumatic and to some extent painful knowing that the man who like to not feel the same love and affection for them.

If you have arrived to this article is because these or have gone through this, is that loneliness is not good, everyone at some point we look for someone to love us and we understand, we always try to find the man or the perfect woman for us.

That person despite the bad things we want and accept us as we are, that to some may seem hard to find, especially when it has gone through many stormy relations.

But with the spells for love can give account which can be achieved, that you can not only find the person of your dreams, but if you have already found it, you can do that that person starts is interested in you.

Is that what you want? Would you like that this man is only yours? Would you like that he confess his feelings to you and become your boyfriend?

Spell to make him ask you to be his girlfriendFortunately I have here to teach you how to do it, not teach you complicated spells, not you cobrare explain you, the only thing I'm looking for is to foster love between people with the help of the magic.

If after doing the spell feel that you has to serve, the only thing that I ask is that you do not suffer the person which these girlfriend, would meet certain easy? Let's start with the spell.

Spell to make him ask you to be his girlfriend

What you need?

  • Flowers or white keys
  • A glass vase
  • A photograph where only East your man
  • And some glasses, if they are yours better


Clean the site in which you'll be the spell, is before that all you will have to order the place where the ritual of love will take place, the best place will be your room so keep clean and tidy.

On a table put glass vase with carnations or white flowers, lying on the vase put photography, sunglasses or goggles you should take them with your right hand, catch them when you think and imagine the person.

Now say these words:

"I want that man I love see me as someone loving and attractive, that it asks me to be his girlfriend, awakened in him the desire to have me, the desire to hug me and kiss me, that when I see no it resists my charm, beam that flowers love in us"

Wear goggles and tries to see a white light that covers your hands, when that light covers your hands for them looks as it involves every part of your body, starting with your hands and ends up your feet.

Thish Spell to make him ask you to be his girlfriend really results more or less in about three weeks, done in full moon so you have more power.

Here ends this spell to make him ask you to be his girlfriend. Continue reading this site to find more love spells and rituals of romance.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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  1. Question, what should be done with the spell after is done? Should it be buried or thrown in a body of water? Thanks