Spells to get rich and wealth rituals

Today we will see some spells to get rich, which will allow you to learn how to achieve wealth and prosperity.

If you believe that the objects used for each order interact with their convictions at the level of the internal and conscious mind, you can get the prosperity you want.

Abundance and fortune in your life may be due to the efficacy of spells and conscious mental power that used to attract prosperity. Using objects helps to embody the ideas and pursue them. Thus, the idea symbolized by the object that is used will have maximum collaboration from the subconscious to become a reality if you try to project or channel it to make it happen in the real world. The way how results are obtained is elaborated in the depths of your inner mind to transform the reality in ways that sometimes can seem to too subtle.

The important thing in the rituals of wealth is used by those who agree with our beliefs, lifestyle and personality. The most important aspect to consider is that with positive thoughts, added the actions we undertake to achieve it, the power of our mind will help us find the kind of prosperity that we want and need to feel full.

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Spell to get rich: get away poverty

Spells to get rich and wealth ritualsMaterials needed:
A slice of pineapple, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Seven leaves of Mint. A green candle (symbolizes rebirth, regrowth). A yellow candle (symbolizes thrust). A white dish. The yellow color is related to the greater source of life: the Sun.

The ritual should start a Saturday at noon. Place the slice of pineapple in the dish, spread around the sugar, cinnamon, and Mint finely mashed. The candle will go to the right side of the plate and the yellow to the left. It is preferable to use floating candles because these have to be consumed. The next day (Sunday), just wake up, try the pineapple by gently rubbing in the cinnamon, sugar, and Mint. This ritual is completed on Sunday by being associated with the Sun. Brown sugar and cinnamon called good luck. Cinnamon has the esoteric property of Chase away the bad vibes. The pineapple provides splendor and good luck.


Materials needed:
Five almonds, half a litre of natural water, and half a meter of yellow flannel.

Boil almonds with Peel and all, at least for fifteen minutes. Thoroughly clean the floor of the House in the usual way and once the water of almonds is cool, pour it to a deposit of glass or ceramic, never plastic, dipping his hand into the bowl and then sprinkle the flannel, up to which is well wet. With the damp flannel, rub your floors. Wet flannel all times as necessary but always with his hand, not dipping the flannel in the container.

It should be a Saturday, before noon. Almonds have the power to call good luck and purify a home against the bad intentions of third parties.


Materials needed:
A glass or Crystal Bowl. Three types of rice: integral, "risotto", and everyday use. Five gold coins. A handful of wheat.

Place all ingredients in the bowl, stir with the fingers of the right hand so that you join. Locate the container near the front door of the House all the time deemed it appropriate.

If you want it permanently, renew the ingredients each month. This ritual is a Saturday, no matter what time of the day. Rice and coins have the esoteric property call the abundance and wheat calls good luck.


This cleaning work is ideal to put an end to a streak in the home finance. The ritual will begin doing general cleaning in the House. In addition, you must get rid of all that which does not serve you, to throw or give away things that do not use. To deprive you of what you don't need or don't want to, it will leave the place to prevent good luck from entering your home.

Take a handful of dry basil leaves. A teaspoon of incense. A teaspoon of myrrh. A teaspoon of garlic powder.

Turn on the censer, scatter the basil, frankincense, myrrh, and garlic. Then, pour the incense in all the rooms invoking that luck between home and that all negative energy out. A prayer of your choice can pray. The earliest will do this ritual one day Saturday. Basil calls good luck, like garlic and incense, myrrh serves as a shield for the protection of the order.

Another option to break the negative energies that are around the home, is doing the job with parsley, cinnamon and sugar. You need a few parsley leaves, a glass of smooth glass for each room that has the House, cinnamon powder, blonde or brown sugar, natural bottled non-carbonated water.

This ritual takes place at noon Tuesday. Fill half the cups with water, place the parsley, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and sugar. Divide these vessels by the rooms of the House. Leave them there for a week. If you check that parsley is deteriorating very fast, might be that there are bad energy, then reset it immediately. Don't worry, the parsley will be in charge of absorbing those energies and that good luck will come to your home. When you arrive the following Tuesday, if you want to, you can repeat the ritual. If your home does not have negative influences, the parsley will be retained during the seven days.


Materials needed:
A sheet of blank paper and three Bay leaves.

Begin the ritual by writing on the sheet of paper your desire, do so with great faith and conviction, double in three paper, place on the three Bay leaves and refold the paper, which will keep the most in three near you (like having it within your pillowcase). When your desire is fulfilled, burn the paper in the form of gratitude, because fire illuminates the darkness, is the symbol of the evolution, development, and transformation. Laurel symbolizes triumphs, successes, good luck.


This ritual is recommended during the waxing moon.

Materials needed:
Coconut or lemon soap, salt marina, 1 yellow candle, 3 oranges, 3 blocks and 2 passion fruit (or peaches if you can't), honey and ground cinnamon.

The night before the ritual, in a container with water, pour the juice of 3 oranges, 3 apples, cut into cubes (previously peeled and seeded) and the seeds of the 2 passion fruit, honey and cinnamon; stir and place in area where additional Moonlight and sunlight for 24 hours, passed this time, proceed to brew.

Bathing with soap from coconut or lemon and then remove it with water, proceed to exfoliate the entire body with sea salt, starting from the neck down, circular, clockwise of clock in and out as if it was making something, proceed to take a shower to remove salt marina, and flush with the formula that made the previous night duly cast; do not remove, let dry.

Finally light yellow candle, pass it over his body saying: "with the help of my spirit guides, Angels of prosperity and money, I connect to the universal power of prosperity and success coming from the central Sun, so everything you undertake and perform for my financial progress and business, will materialize in perfect harmony and divine grace. Thank you father that this is true".

To finish, to thank for the assistance and let the candle is consumed.

Prayer for prosperity and money

"I ask you; God Almighty,
from the depths of my mind,
to remove worries and fears;
and you bring home safety and comfort.
East your humble son asks,
with prayers that bring security and remove despair.
My family, and get my life, Almighty God,
is full of prosperity and that the coffers of your Kingdom
bring abundance at all times.
Removes the poverty of our minds;
and fill our pockets with your coffers gold coins,
have mercy on this yearning,
give us bread when we have hunger,
give us water when we are thirsty,
shelter us with your holy and divine love clothes,
e illuminates our minds by removing the despair.
We give you thanks, to you God merciful and protective
and we know that you hear our requests;
and our aspirations and we are filled with your pure Springs rivers with prosperity
and cosmic abundance. "

Useful data to make wealth spells

To obtain material things, it is believed that the use of the plant verbena is beneficial.
The magic attributed to the moon can be of great help to move our esoteric beliefs and load the spell energy to channel during the full moon phase. A spell for money can be done with the ritual of exhibiting objects symbolizing the money (checks librettos, wallets) in the light of the full moon.

Another ritual that is considered effective to attract the money consists of writing the checks under the light of one or more green candles, while burning incense and say some sentences stating the call of richness.

A simple ritual consists on amulets of wealth. For example, using a green gender herbs (poppy, saffron, lavender, basil), put it with a silver coin and wrap all, tying with a gold, ribbon. Carry it with you as an amulet.

The use of scents such as the Berry of the laurel, cinnamon, hyssop, Orange, Tangerine, and Mint, is considered very popular to help make the rituals of prosperity.

The use of magic sails is recognized as a popular method to generate prosperity. You can put fragrant oils to increase her magical power. Green candles are usually the most preferred for prosperity spells.

Here ends this article on spells to get rich. You can continue reading this site to find more rituals of wealth and success spells.

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