Talismans for travellers and vehicles

Safety on the roads, callers of good fortune for all destinations. Although they are on many routes and paths, often not given meaning possessing: on more than one occasion, you've seen a talisman of trip, which accompanies the marked trails, and unable to connect with his power by not knowing it. This is your chance to discover these ancient objects of protection, and take them into account as much as his suitcase at the time of starting.

Good weather, the lack of obstacles, the mood and the strength needed to continue or, simply the absence of undesirable surprises they bring problems, are general orders a talisman of travel can receive. Its essential feature is that many of them, are not part of the baggage that travels, they are heritage route that runs. Therefore, they usually appear in the middle of a journey and who finds them can request protection, although it has been another person which installed this mini shrine for prayers. In this article, you will learn main talismans that should bring with you, or build on the edge of their way, to bring good fortune.

Talismans for travellers and vehicles Runic talisman for travellers

One of the main objects that connect with good energy comes from the tradition of the runes. In particular, Rune accompanying on trips has this form:, and is purple. You can draw this design in a paper or a fabric, to take it with you where to go.

This diagram represents the polar star, point of orientation for sailors and walkers when they did not have a compass.

While it is a talisman for travel, and in those cases you must go in the bag, backpack or suitcase, it also has the sense to accompany on the long journey that represents life; then, you can put under the pillow, in a drawer or near the resting place, at home.

Magical herbs

In this talisman, esoteric herbs power is used so that, together, they are protectors of the trip that was planned. To do this, you must get a square of fabric red, of approximately 15 cm. side, and put together a bag with this. Wash with soap and water and leave it overnight in the light of the Moon, so it becomes pure. Then, put inside:

Wormwood: for protection in dangerous roads must alertness and good communication with the hidden forces.

Eucalyptus: purification and care in general.

Verbena: is a plant that is included in the protection spells, so it is important in this case.

A piece of cinnamon stick: brings security, strength, sharpness in the senses and mental agility.

If you are travelling by car, you can hang this bag with herbs from your rearview mirror. If your way will be otherwise, take this talisman in his bag of personal belongings.

Remember: Any person who has travelled even once in their lifetime knows that, even for the safest crossing, a dose of good luck becomes essential. Therefore these magical objects that watch over the good fortune in travel can be your best allies that their travel plans are pleasant, developers and, above all, give more fun to travel.

"Apachetas": Earth watchers

It is common to see that, in some roads ―such as northern Argentina and Bolivia―, a mounds of stone at the edge of the routes. These "lots" are the "apachetas", small monuments dedicated to the Pacha Mama armed to ask for protection and ask accompaniment during the trip. It is common that a Walker assemble your apacheta with some stones and those who come after then, continue adding more to leave their offerings to mother earth.

Sometimes, these "apachetas" have a cross at its top: this can be, on the one hand, an apacheta Christian, made by people who mix their beliefs in the Pacha and his religion, or tends to indicate that there was a fatal accident at that point in the path. For this reason, the apacheta becomes reminder and is also a milestone which protects travellers who ask for their protection.

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For this reason, if an apacheta you find on your way, do not hesitate: look for a pretty stone and offer it to Pacha Mama. She won't forget your way.

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