Black magic spells to master

Black Magic spells to master. Today we will see a type of black magic rituals to master as we have not mentioned above. As you know, when we use candles, we usually work with one or more candles, which are kept quiet on our altar. However, there is a kind of spells in which we have to move the candles through the altar while we perform the ritual or spell. We will use this type of spells of black magic to subdue a man or a woman. This is particulary effective when we want to work with the energies of love, attraction, and submission.

The recipe of witchcraft to master that we see here is for a heterosexual couple (man and woman), however, if you are gay or lesbian you can do it as well, using two candles, male or female, depending on your orientation and sexual preference. Let's see a very effective and powerful of these black magic spells to master.

Black magic spells to master

Black magic spells to master
You should get the following materials:

  • A male candle
  • A female candle
  • An oil suitable for love (lime oil or almond oil)

If you can get candles with man and woman shape, you can carve them. Using a knife you can give it shape of a human body candle, one representing the man, and other women. I recommend using Red candles to make witchcraft to dominate.

This spell should be done on a Friday of new moon. Begin the ritual by signing the candle representing your name, and that represents the person you want to dominate, with his name. If you don't have a specific person in mind, then just write the words "my lover".

Anoint both candles with the oil and make that confront each other about 15 centimeters of distance, on a metal tray. Put a little oil on the tip of your finger and trace a line or path, from the other person to your candle candle.

Light the candles and say: "I command you". Let the candles burn for about seven minutes, while you focus your energy and see how dominate this person. Then turn the fire off, using your fingers or a metal spoon.

The next night and every night thereafter for a total of 7 nights, light the candles again, repeats the incantation and moves the candle closer to you. It is important that you do not lose concentration during any of the 7 sessions.

In the seventh and last night, don't turn off the fire, leaves the candles consumedon their own, then picks up the remains and bury it in your back yard. If you don't have a yard, you can bury them in a pot with soil.

Here concludes this article about Black magic spells to master. Continue browsing this site to find more free love spells and black magic.

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