Can we communicate with our deceased pets?

Many people wonder what happens when animals die. We could answer this question simply affirming that animals are spirits, all living beings are spiritual entities. They are born, live, die and return again in other terrestrial bodies. His spirit experiences the same type of spiritual growth than humans. Some experts in the field say that the animals belong to what is known as soul group. Do not experience what is known as the old wisdom called "individualization"; i.e., one spirit / soul in a body. They tend to travel as a group higher soul and embodying, in the form of joint, many bodies of different animals.

At this stage of its development, its progression is very similar to the human beings. They incarnate, reincarnate, develop experiences and it has human-like characters. They learn to love more passionately; to think with greater attention and capacity; and sometimes they manage to overcome human behavior, is therefore believed the pet to emulate the behavior of their "owners". Then, the question many people ask is whether it is possible to communicate with their deceased pets.

Life after death of pets

Can we communicate with our deceased pets?
Before answering the question if we can communicate with our deceased pet, it is necessary to know the life after the death of the animals. As discussed above, the answer is Yes, go to the spiritual realm just as humans do it. At the time of the "physical death", they leave their physical body and become an etheric body (or also known as body double). For a short period of time, you remain in our reality and when comes the time, emerge from the etheric body, which then becomes a spiritual body. Animals, like humans, join their circle of loved ones, and most of the time meet with the spirits of relatives of their owners. Sometimes these spiritual people simply help them to "move to the other side" , and sometimes send messages to relatives who are still alive confirming that your pet is well.

Many people to ensure they see or hear your pet shortly once it has died. But, do they are always us around? No, animals enhance the transition as we do. Even in the case that the mascot had to be sacrificed due to an illness, the transition is much faster than if had died from old age since if pain is relieved, feeling free and fully recovered.

How can we know when the spirit of our pets is around?

According to experts, the animals appear as orbs or even manifest partially or completely as when they were in life. We may be able to smell them and listen to them, we can feel them run close to us to let us know that they are near us, sleeping in our bed as they did when they were physically. But the most important thing is that our "spiritual pets" continue loving us unconditionally as they did when they were in the ground plane, worrying about us before that themselves. Sometimes them can feel or see, sometimes not, but always need to know that we love, knowing that we offer them all our love.

Communication with our deceased pet

Although it is possible to communicate with our deceased pets, is not exactly in the same way that when we want to communicate with human spirits. Our deceased pets communicating through clairvoyance, just like the human spirits, but this communication tends to be only "mental". This is because the animals have not developed speech, however, communicate with us through telepathic thought-shaped transmission and desires. People who wish to communicate with their deceased pets is mainly because they want to know If the pain that had the animal has disappeared and if it is found together with a deceased family member.

In the case of death was sudden, the owner of the pet just need to say goodbye. If an animal death was traumatic, sometimes the spirit of your pet does not realize that is not already in this world. Despite the best intentions, the emotions of grieving owners may cause your spirit becomes confusing. This can be dangerous for the spirit of the pet, since it may be trapped in our dimension, requiring the help of a psychic pet expert to help you in your transition.

Psychic communication with deceased pets does not require anything in particular. Many people seek the help of psychics, which require a picture of mascot, a general description, and very specific questions. One of the most popular questions is that if the spirit of the pet feel some kind of disease of its owner, since there is a very special connection. In this type of communications with our deceased pet we can make all kinds of questions.

But we must also remember, that the most important is to convey our love, just as we did when they were alive. Because death is only the beginning, since its energy will continue to be with us, until we can get back to meet with them. By this we mean that our pets are not simple animals, are spiritual beings who accompany us in a journey of our life and will continue beyond the physical plane. When they leave this physical plane must remember them continuously as beings that protect us and who are still among us.

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