Can we invoke demons with the ouija?

Already a week ago that thousands of users on social networks made an appeal worldwide to participate in a kind of Home ritual in an attempt to invoke a so-called demon. In a short time the challenge became a viral phenomenon never seen before, where a countless number of adolescents published their own videos using a homemade ouija .

And what began as a fun practice among the younger, became all a nightmare for others. Paranormal phenomena that some young people have reported experiencing include mysterious voices when no one more present, dark shadows or laughter of children. But this terrifying practice also has led some to wonder if it is possible to invoke demonic entities through the ouija and similar rituals.

Communication with the lower planes of existence

Can we invoke demons with the ouija?Summon demonic entities is no joke. All dimensional beings, demons are the most easy to contact, and that is exactly what makes them so dangerous. And one of the elements for certain demonic entities to get access to our reality is through an ouija board.

While most people use the ouija for direction, avoiding contact with demons and other negative entities, there are others who have the opposite desire. They are looking for any means to summon a demon. Experts say that since the dawn of mankind there have always been those who have rejected the light and have embraced the dark side in favour of pleasures and powers that reach only a few get. The Ouija Board is perfect for the invocation, mainly because it was developed to contact lower forms of spiritual life, which are the spirits of deceased persons.

But to summon the demonic entities need much skill, concentration and desire since demons are not in the same level of spiritual or energetic as spirits. But also the possibility that a spirit trapped in the flat astral impersonates a demon, only to feed the fear and the energy of all those who are doing the ouija session. And if users of the ouija board do not have any experience with astral communication then become susceptible to deception and lacking the perceptual skills needed for the invocation, you end up being disappointment and frustration.

Dangerous demons

As we have seen, Charlie has become in a short time into a demonic entity. Although experts are not in agreement about its origin, many say that it is some kind of Mexican devil. But whatever its origin, experts suggest that using the table ouija can invoke the following daemons:

Zozo is considered one of the worst demonic entities existing in the astral plane. According to the large number of stories and cases well documents, communication through the ouija begins as if it were a benevolent spirit and with a different name. On some occasions, has come to appear in the middle of a conversation with another spirit, disrupting communication. Experts say that when it appears this demonic entity the planchette moves in all directions or writing "inverted zetas", in addition to the answers are negative and repetitive. After this, the communication through the ouija becomes all hell for those present.

Belphegor is considered all classic demon who originally was called Baal-Peor, was one of the ancient gods of the Israeli worshipers. Legend has it that Belphegor was sent from hell by Lucifer for marital happiness on Earth, but wasn't able to. When Belphegor appears in an ouija session, shows from the very beginning his power and his will. People may feel attracted by their presence, since Belphegor offers his victims power, wealth, and fame. But that does not explain this demon is what is charged by the Covenant, the soul of the applicant and of the most beloved people.

Pazuzu is technically considered a Hollywood star, because the devil is the main protagonist of the film directed by William Friedkin "The Exorcist". However, Pazuzu is an ancient Assyrian God of the wind, the Lord of diseases and pests, one of the most malevolent elemental forces and the most ruthlessly destructive demon to human life. It is clear that with this curriuclum it is not necessary to say that in the event that it appeared in an ouija session, the results will be truly apocalyptic. Also can be said that there is some controversy among experts about one more possible relationship with Zozo, while others believe that it is the very Devil or Beelzebub.

Invoke demons with the ouija

In Paranormal and esoteric world we strongly recommend not using the ouija table to communicate with spirits, and much less to establish communication with demonic entities. But we also want to say that everyone should be free in their religious beliefs with respect and tolerance. For this reason that if anyone wants to communicate with the demons listed above or other should follow the following recommendations:

In any case make the communication only and not allow the planchette to come out at any point in the surface of the plate. Use "white candles" to symbolize purity and that act as protection from the possessions. Under no circumstances use black candles because they boost the power of the demonic entity. Similarly, other guards as amulets or talismans which can prevent an uncontrolled energy force of the demon energy can also be used.

Once taken measures of protection, only will have to decide what demon is invoked; create a formal invitation for the devil go to our reality; talk to the demon; and finally, to close the connection between the two worlds.

And we cannot forget in any case formally end the invitation, bidding us farewell politely. We must remember that each person needs to close your connection so that the door is completely closed. So it goes without saying that ignoring these guidelines increase the possibilities of contact with the demonic entities end is dramatic.

Have you ever tried to contact a demonic entity through the ouija? Tell us about your experience, if you dare.

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