Celtic Amulets

The magic was part of everyday life in the Celtic world. That is why many people decide to take hold of amulets used by this civilization to attract good luck and ward off all sorts of evils. There are a lot of Celtic charms around us. These pieces that today can be seen in all places, responding almost more to fashion than to its protective nature, they are very diverse and varied. We can say that Celts amulets are very powerful protecting people and generating wealth.

Celtic Amulets

First, you must have in mind that Celts amulets are used many times with medicinal purpose. Indeed, you can give these symbols a very practical uses, since placed on the area of pain of the body you can removes it. In addition, according to the tradition, is said to make reduce the fever.

Celts had also an amulet specific for love, a sort of braided shield, made with knots. This perennial knot cannot be undone. This symbol was exchanged by lovers as a sign that their relationship was forever. It can be considered the symbol par excellence of the complement, support, and the fusion of the couple, resulting in one of the most beautiful symbols of humanity.

Another of the best known charms of Celtic is the triskel, this famous spiral present in different representations in art and Celtic magic. Evokes the divine interaction between mind, body and soul as well as the representation of the creation of the world and its manifestation. We can say that we we have a highly protective symbol that attracts love, health and prosperity in all areas. In the art of Feng Shui used to neutralize cosmic, terrestrial and human aggression and create peace, love and abundance.

Another widely used amulet are locks, symbols which were bestowed by the Druids as recognition by learning a lesson. It's a sort of trophy for having passed a test in the personal battle, by having settled a stage.

Finally, don't forget the Celtic prosperity amulet, represented by a symbol of four quadrants that make reference to the four elements (fire, Earth, water and air) and the four seasons. It is a metaphor of sowing and harvesting, a representation of the giving and receiving.

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