Celtic Celebrations and Festivals

On several occasions we have already made reference to the Celtic magic. And it is magical world created, its traditions, its culture... many of the rituals and customs that we have today. Thus, the Celtic culture left an interesting legacy: the concept of the transformation in motion. It's a way of seeing things, a philosophy of life which understood that each pound their personal battle in a continuous process leading to the self-transformation.

The Celtic village was a town essentially spiritual, he greatly respected the forces of nature, as well as all the inhabitants of this world... and also the more there. This incredibly magical and mystical atmosphere that seems to wrap everything that Celts referred, governed eight basic festivities for the development of the individual:

Celtic Celebrations and Festivals

Celtic Celebrations- Samhain: held on 31 October, coinciding with the feast of Halloween and marks the beginning of the Celtic new year. It is the moment which opens the gate of the underworld and spirits wander in earthly life.

- Yule: marks the winter solstice, at the time that symbolizes the clear imposition of light on the shadows. On the longest night of the year, the Celts would light huge bonfires and lit candles to increase the power of the Sun.

- Imbolc or Candelmans: was held the second day of February. The feast of candelaria is a celebration in which lit candles for the sole purpose of providing heat and light, so that the Sun pluck forces that were so necessary for planet Earth.

- Ostara: designates the spring equinox. It is a time of rebirth and renewal; It is the feast of the romance and joy and practically everything suddenly became a symbol of fertility.

- Beltane: the first day of may were celebrating a Festival dedicated to the God Belenos, divinity of light and fire. This Festival was crowned the Queen of May. A bonfire was lit and jumping on it to achieve fertility, health and good luck for the year.

- Midsummer or Litha: was the summer solstice. It is the special night to make contact with the fairies. As the Earth is at its most high gives us everything that we ask through its elements and creatures that represent them.

- Lammas: was a Festival dedicated to the God Lugh on August 1. Celtic Festival of prosperity.

- Mabon: in celebration of the autumnal Equinox, the mother Earth gave abundance to their offspring, the nutrients they need to survive the harsh winter. At the same time, it symbolizes the conception of the death of the plants becoming a Renaissance through the mystery of the seeds.

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