Dreaming with a Wardrobe

Wardrobe that appear in our dreams want to notify us of that something is moving or changing in our innermost part, in our most intimate I. Our interior wardrobe contains everything that usually do not share with others, what we keep for us and only opened when we are alone or, if anything, when accompanies us someone that we want to deliver to our soul.

Knowing esto is easy to understand the importance of remembering how it was the wardrobe that we have dreamed of, if we have seen it ordered or made a chaos, empty or filled until they burst, with gleaming wood moisture or odor... Any detail can be relevant to help with interpretation of your dreams.

Dreaming with a WardrobeThus, for example, if we have opened a cupboard and inside we have seen everything orderly, sure we felt well, proud; This is shows that we're seeing, by how we are handling a situation these days, that we know well what we do. If, on the other hand, the inside is dirty and messy, it will surely cause us surprise and displeasure in the same dream; Esto will reveal that we don't have things planned as well as we had hoped and that we must be alert.

Now, despite seeing him ordained in dreams notes that overwhelms you any little detail that it seems to be in its proper place, it is that you are too demanding and you are too close to fall into an obsession. This dream is a warning to try to relax and take things easy.

On the other hand, an open empty wardrobe is a sign that we are who we feel empty. You can by a rupture, can that by facing a stage where everything is new, but the question is that suddenly we don't know how to deal with things or if we will have adequate weapons to fight. If we see it is full, it will be good sign; But if it is so full that we cannot close it, we must interpret it as that it's time to go already leaving things back, things already we are not worth and assume only the "occupation of space" without more. We have to try to not encompass most of what we can "Save" properly.

An old wardrobe in our dreams tries to tell us that we are letting ourselves be carried by sadness and despair. A new and magnificent, on the other hand, that we have found a new way to go that it will fill us with joy, vitality and spirit youth.

And a wardrobe that is on the verge of dropping the humidity tells of destructive emotions, someone that we did not want to well and not has allowed us to grow as people, someone to whom we have delivered too. This dream warns you that it is time to react and look for a dry place where keeping your secrets, away from anyone who can return to do you some harm.

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