Dreaming with water

Dreaming with water
Water is one of the symbols that are more usually appear in our nocturnal fantasies. Dreams with water talk about feelings, emotions, what we feel at any given time. It also has to do with what we perceive unconscious and intuition that guides our life.

what water means in a dream

To interpret dreams with water it is important to remember where this water came (if it was the sea or rain), and under what conditions was (if it was fresh water flowing freely or water that was gathering, among others). For example, if you are swimming, or simply walking, without haste or fears in a placid sea, means that your life is entering a period of tranquility where you will feel relaxed and that you sense that everything will be solved.

But if, on the other hand, are suddenly in your dream in marshy waters and foul-smelling, have to be prevented because the matter that you're not only will not advance but will become rather uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Another common dream is that, in dreams, we feel real terror before huge waves that threaten to destroy our city and the place where we live. Maybe even this stormy sea already has reached you and dream with you try to save your life between the waves. In this case, the interpretation of messages that sends you your subconscious is very revealing.

What I mean is that if you dream of this, it is because you take time trying to control your feelings, your reactions to an issue that affects you more than you think to know. You fear that if you allow yourself to feel, if you leave out a small part of what hide others, you can not retain everything you struggle hard to get out. You're afraid to be like a tsunami that destroy everything in their path and that everything goes you hands.

In this case I recommend that you deliver and find your way of expressing what you carry inside until any small cracks cause all unexpected cataclysm.

Here concludes this article aout dreams and water, please continue reading this site for more tips about dream's interpretation.

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