Egyptian spells and ancient pharaonic spells

Egyptian spells They have thousands of years old, and have come down to us thanks to the sacred texts found in the pyramids, the coffin texts and the book of the dead. The Egyptian book of the dead was an ancient survival guide which contained spells and ancient Egyptian spells, along with instructions to ensure safe passage through the dangers of the underworld. These spells of protection were made by authority figures, who used all kinds of amulets for funerary rituals of the ancient Egypt. A roll of papyrus containing the oldest Egyptian spells of the book of the dead would be buried along with rich men to help them out of their graves and deal with their dangerous journey by the underworld. In this article we will see what types of Egyptian spells have come down to our time, and how to avert Egyptian love spells.

Egyptian spells and the underworld

Egyptian spells and ancient pharaonic spellsThe book of the dead contained about 200 spells designed to help overcome the tests and trials that tended the underworld. The dangers of hell included a variety of obstacles, including fearsome beasts, several traps, demons and a long series of tests. Egyptian spells had to be recited at the right time to pass each test and guarantee safe passage to the Hall of two truths which would discuss the actions of their mortal lives. Knowing the correct magic spells was essential for the day of judgment.

But also there are other types of ancient Egyptian spells, called divine words, or words of power, encoded in the form of hieroglyphics. The wizards used these secret words to talk to the gods and thus create or modify reality. Papyrus or other tools, such as amulets, potions and statues were not needed to use them.

The divine words explaining the relationships between causes and effects of the universe using ideas that mortals could understand. Many analogies and symbolism were widely used in the ancient Egypt to explain the principles of attraction between opposite and equal, matches and historical occurrences in addition developing predictive factors for the future. There were even prescribed ways to explain why the expected results has not materialised.

The power of the wizards reached through these Egyptian spells could be used for many purposes, good and bad. It could be used to manipulate behavior or other people's feelings, there were lots of love Egyptians, as well as ancient spells for good luck, the protection of home and loved ones, and the preservation of health. According to the writings of Calístenes Nectanebo II, magic was often used to defend your country from external enemies.

How to make Egyptian spells

The word spoken or, more potent, written and read aloud, was the main means to influence other beings and mold reality to the self-will. These ancient Egyptian spells often is accompanied of actions, rituals, precisely prescribed to achieve the desired results. Let's see how to make homemade magic Egyptian rituals:

Egyptian spell for protection and good fortune

You will need the following for this spell:

  • A white candle
  • Image or drawing of an ear with the name "Amón" written in black ink
  • It lights the candle and placed the drawing underneath. He sings the following incantation:

"There is no refuge for the heart,
except in Amon. It, whose name is secret.
I am your words out loud so everyone can hear your goodness.
You ask your protection and good fortune."

Then take the paper and put it front of the sail. Fix

"He comes in peace, so that I can repeat the good deeds that my heart has made in order to silence the evil. I made four good deeds in the middle of the portal of the horizon. I made the four winds for every man breathe in due course. I did the great flood so that the poor have the power of the great. I did like everyone that fellow. I ordered not to do evil, and make divine offerings to the gods".

Then take the paper and put it under the candle again and say:

"Amon, these words pronounced by him, whose name is secret, bless me with their protection and good fortune."

Then, leave the candle burning completely. Take the remains of the sail and the role, and throw them in a stream or river flowing fast.

An ancient Egyptian curse

This spell is very dangerous and is not recommended to anyone practicing it. This is an Egyptian spell that was used in the times of the ancient Egypt to curse those who opposed to the order of the Pharaoh. You will need the following items to make this spell:
  • 2 red candles and 2 black candles
  • The names of those you want to curse
  • Black sand
You will have to do it on a full moon night. Salt outside and placed candles to your around. Use the black sand to form a circle that connect candlelight. Then write the names of people you want to curse on a paper, put it in front of you and display the worst thing that could happen to them. Meditate on this 5 minutes. It then prompts to Osiris, Anubis and Set that condemn the misery this person or these people. Once done it leaves that the gods deal with the rest.

Here concludes this article about Egyptian spells. I hope that this information about ancient Egyptian spells have been useful. Continue reding this web to find hundreds of free home spells and love charms. Successes!

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