Falling in dreams

If you feel like falling in your dreams, it means that you feel afraid to lose what you live at the moment, whether professional or emotional. Maybe you're not aware of it, that you notice it but do not know to interpret it, and why your subconscious send you an alert signal. You're not sure of what is happening you controlled. You know that not everything depends on you and fear that something important, to escape you so you dream that you fall to lose balance for reasons beyond your control, and it takes you to the lowest spot, at the beginning of everything, to the zero point.

Fear is but a warning of our consciousness, a message that always have to be cautious and that we should not give anything for granted. Which does not mean that everything will effectively go wrong, only indicates that it is a possibility and it is appropriate that we are aware of all the details. Thus, although in your dream you have felt fear as you fell, you don't because you move it to your reality. It simply acts cautiously from now on.

Fall in dreams are more common even than we think. It is rare to find someone who never have dreamt this. And, once you know how to interpret this dream, also it is easy to understand why it is so common.

And yes, we can also find nuances within this "dreaming about fall". For example, if you are anxious to notice that you fall but then it turns out that the height was little, and that you did not do you harm, is that what in principle seems to go wrong will easily resolved.

Well, if you see yourself falling and falling, and it seems you're never going to reach out, it is now that the lawlessness is already deeply rooted in you and you'll find it difficult to take the reins if any little thing is out of place, albeit with minimal movement. In this case it is best to take note that you need to relax and take life with more optimism and sense of humor. A fall is not always a defeat, it is sometimes necessary to remove our inner strength and start again in a different way.

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