Fly in dreams

Fly in dreams is quite common and is also of that kind of dreamlike fantasies that you feel very good, happy, free completely. And, normally, upon awakening, it overwhelms you a rewarding feeling of fullness. But, dothese dreams are interpreted in that they can fly?...

When you fly on your city, open fields or anywhere in the world, it is that everything is already better in your life. You've found the way you needed to escape what binds you to the Earth, to your daily routine, which, although inside, today consider a limitation. And you have to follow it, because for you it will be a way out that will help you to reacquaint yourself with yourself and with the path of your personal development. Don't be afraid, you will not fall if you let yourself carried away by these favourable trends that show you where you have to guide your steps.

Of course, we speak of when your flight is free, unless you are on a plane or something like that. It If your flight is in aircraft, balloon or any other device, has more to do with projects that we have imposed on us meet ourselves and that, for now, seem to not be within our reach. If it's such a dream, you perhaps should stop to think if you're not pretending to arrive at a place that you're not prepared.

Fly in dreamsBut if in our dreams we are flying freely, and also enjoy doing, it indicates that we need greater freedom and that we are on track to get it.

Well, what if we feel afraid or unsafe during this fantastic journey?... These negative emotions are not but notices our lack of confidence. Don't let esto to prevent that you go the heaven and enjoy your capabilities.

And if everything you see from above is destroyed?... Then look for a new place where to start from scratch. What did you find so far should be in the past.

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