Lucid dreams: can we control our dreams?

Imagine for a moment that "you fall" into a deep sleep only to find yourself in the largest room of virtual reality in the world. You can do whatever you want, you can fly, travel or access to wherever you want and best of all, you are completely aware of this. We are talking about lucid dreams.

"A new world"

The lucid dream is the practice of alteration of dreams. In a lucid dream, the person knows that you are dreaming and can change the course of a dream when you want to. Although lucid dream has only been part of our everyday vocabulary in recent decades, the reality is that many cultures since the beginning of humanity already practiced it. Native Americans used the dreams worn as a portal to the world of spirits, while Tibetan Buddhists have been practicing them for centuries.

Frederik van Eeden, a Dutch psychiatrist, coined the term "lucid dream" in 1913 during its study of dreams. He began documenting their dreams in a newspaper, and eventually discovered new types of dreams. According to his research, the psychic functions are activated when a person becomes a perfect state of consciousness and is able to turn its attention to create different acts.

Even the scientific community has its own theory to explain the lucid dreams. Normally when we sleep, the part of our brain dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is disabled. This is the part of the brain where memory is produced. People experiencing lucid dream actually activate this part of the brain, in a sense, turning on his conscience.

But the lucid dream also has beneficial side effects. Many people use lucid dream to help them solve problems by reproduction of the question on the dream, trying to obtain different results. Even some experts, ensure that it is useful to emotional healing and eliminate constant nightmares.

Lucid dreamers can "communicate" with the outside world

In 1975, the British psychologist Keith Hearne was a discovery that revolutionized the world of dreams: record eye movements of a subject named Alan Worsley while he slept and took part in a lucid dream in a laboratory. Fundamentally, the two men had agreed to a pattern established by using eye movement signals. By moving his eyes in the lucid dream, Worsley was able to communicate with Hearne in the outside world, while he was dreaming.

The surprising experiment showed, for the first time in history, that there was awareness in dreams. But, and the other way around? Can we send messages to a dreamer while sleeping? The answer is Yes. When we sleep, our brains generally ignore what is happening in the outside world. However, we all have the amazing ability to 'see' what is happening outside of our dreams. There are cases of lucid dreamers who have come to awaken suddenly because someone in your family needed help, or in other cases, the dreamers have awakened suddenly because it was going on some kind of catastrophe somewhere on our planet.

The dangers in lucid dreams

Although there is no evidence that dreams can have negative effects in the dreamer, there are experts who say there could be some side effects associated with this type of dreams, and addiction is one of those negative effects. Some people want to try it just for fun, however, must be careful with this capability allowing it to escape from everyday life.

The lucid dream you can weaken the boundaries between wakefulness and sleep, the conscious and subconscious mind, reality and fantasy. This could cause problems of dissociative character. Probably the most common form of dissociation involves trouble to distinguish real memories with the oneiric memories. All who experience the lucid dream must have sufficient capacity to identify them. This can really be a problem for those who may have an absorption of the memories.

Another danger to keep in mind is that some people believe that experience many lucid dreams can be very tiring. This phenomenon could be so tiring as if you did exercise for twenty or thirty minutes.

And we cannot forget entities ghostly in lucid dreams. As we discussed in "ghosts can appear in our dreams?", any spirit has the ability to materialize our dreams as a ghost. In dreams this type of communication with the most worn beyond it is much more intense and these entities may use this phenomenon to convey a message or warning. But in other cases the dreamer has become "pursued" or attacked by a demonic entity. It is for this reason that anyone who experience lucid dreams should be aware of that could meet certain undesirable entities.

How to have a lucid dream?

If after reading all this, you continue wanting to experience the dreams only worn you must follow the following recommendations:

1 have a diary of dreams beside the bed

Write your dreams when you wake up. This allows you to see the pattern of your dreams and get familiar with the world of dreams. This will help you to remember your dreams.

2. Get ready to know when you are dreaming

Some people achieve this objective through the implementation of customary practices, such as looking at their watches or watching a calendar frequently throughout the day, waiting for that routine moves into the world of the dream. When you have this behavior in a dream, you will then be able to recognize when you're dreaming.

3. Know your dream signals

Read your diary of dreams frequently to see if there is any detail that is repeated. Look for these details when you're dreaming and use them to find out if you are dreaming.

4.Try to dream when you wake up

Records dream in your dream journal before returning to dream. Some people set an alarm to alter the course of a dream and try to return to it.

As we have seen, get a lucid dream is not easy, even some of the more lucid dreamers only manage this type of phenomenon few times in a month. Also it must be remembered that lucid dreams are not for everyone, but those who succeed, will enjoy a unique experience that can bring you very important information split your life. But also remember the negative effects mentioned, since the lucid dream could become the worst of your nightmares.

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