Magic and Shamanism

Sure we have all seen that kind of films where there are tribes of different cultures where appears the typical "sorcerer" or medicine man. It is usually represented full of beads, sinister and very bad character. All the tribe worshipped him and feared him. But none of that has to do with the real shamanism ... or Yes?

What is Shamanism

Shamanism is a set of beliefs and practices accumulated through the ages aimed at the diagnosis and cure of human suffering. Shamans said that they are able to travel to the different planes of existence and projected astralmente, guess the past and the future, interpret dreams, and even control the stations.

Contrary to what some may think, shamanism is not a religion itself. There are shamans in all religions.

Magic and ShamanismYou can tell that it is a form of spiritual knowledge, since its basic premise is that the world that we know and see is influenced by invisible energies that affect us. To work with these invisible forces, the shaman must purchase their own knowledge through their own experience.

In some cultures it is believed that shamanic powers do not seek, but that are inherited from one family member to another. In others, they are convinced that the shaman has been elected by the spiritual world. For example, in some tribes of Siberia, when one of its components is what in Western medicine is called a psychotic episode, they interpret it as the order of a spirit so that the individual assumes its role as a shaman.

However, it also happens that it is the person who seeks the role of Shaman through the so-called "search for vision", which aims to communion and communication with the spirits.

To carry out its work, the shaman often have help in the spiritual world. They are the entities of those family members who have died and who have taken the form of animal spirits, medicinal plants and even old shamans who have gone to the afterlife.

Although I have previously said that the cause of the disease is in the spiritual world, specifically in the negative forces, both physical and spiritual methods are used to heal.

Sometimes a shaman use the ability to enter the body of the patient to find his spirit and cure it. Sometimes just their extraordinary knowledge of plants to develop treatment appropriate to his patient. Even in some places, the shaman learns the plant itself, or rather, the spirit of the plant, with which this is contacted to ask for information. He then asks for permission to take a little bit of it and use it to heal.

If we travel around the world, we could see that there are three types of shamans: those who heal, those who hurt and even kill, and who make two things. That's the primary reason why this ancestral figure has so much power and influence in his community, both for better and for worse.

One thing is certain. The shaman is a being endowed with great value. The risk involved in making is very high. The world of spirits, the greatest enemy of any shaman and all the techniques used for their legendary and universally known altered States of consciousness, which can travel in time, transformed into animal or vegetable or out away from your body, can be traps that lead you to roads without return. It is certainly not an existence for cowards.

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