Magic and Spells in Ancient Egypt

There is not a single researcher that denied that, in the field of "magic", Egypt was the pioneer, above all to remember the famous sacred city of Heliopolis, cradle of the solar tradition and place where different gods have arisen as Osiris, Nephthys and Anubis and the famous "Rosetta Stone". Much of the data we have today about the emergence of Egyptian magic we are given evidence of the same Napoleon, who was amazed by the Egyptian culture to meet her for the first time in the century XVIII.

It Egyptian magic was also present in what later became known as "masonry", which has as a great King God Ptat with Memphis, the great architect of the world. Let us not forget that the term Freemasonry derives from "franc-mason", referring to those workmen of antiquity who rebelled against the King built this Lodge that continues to this day.

Another strong element which has sloughed off the magic and Egyptian esotericism is Greek, from Gnosticism of the God Thoth of Hermeopolis.

Magic and Spells in Ancient Egypt

For centuries has tried to meet increasingly held by significant parts of the Egyptian culture that led to become one of the more esoteric peoples in history. For certain cannot be determined if the Egyptian people was entirely believing of practices magic, but if you can leave in doubt the myth of ancient Atlantis, where it was believed that the people had come into contact with a superior civilization. Some historians consider this idea and say that, according to investigations made on Egyptian hieroglyphics, visited by beings from another planet could be determined the people of Egypt.

But, what are the rituals better known of the magic universe of the old Egypt?... As the best-known rituals are the death and rebirth of Osiris, more specifically, that is the judgment of forty-two advisers in the Hall of MA'AT. Their main emblem is Ankh.

These and other esoteric rites were carried out and temples specially ornamented with precise ceremonies to which came the more powerful. Those cults had an incredible Protocol and not ended with what became known as "The ascension of divinity," Rite by which the magician was penetrated by a God, thus becoming a single person, half human divinidad-mitad.

It is still very much what is left to discover the magic of the ancient Egypt and, as you've seen, very large influence in the esotericism on later centuries.

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